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Internet Programing Essay, Research Paper

Internet ProgramingThe Net, the common name for the Internet, is the largest computer network in the world. It started out as a written report for the US government by a Corporation in the 1960’s and by the late 80’s universities and research laboratories in Europe and USA had access to the Net. Soon to follow was a “not-for-profit professional body formed to allow individuals, government agencies and companies to have direct say in the direction that the technology could move.” (Crowcroft 2) The Internet is essentially a whole bunch of interconnected computers which communicate with other computers on the net and are linked to academic, scientific, commercial and other institutions. The fastest growing area of the Net is the World Wide Web or WWW. It uses text, sound, video and images to produce interlinked pages or sites, called homepages or webpages for “on-screen viewing in the form of colorful magazine-style.” (Hutchinson 79)The World Wide Web, and more specifically homepages, have many advantages. Advertising, academics, research, entertainment, news, music, promoting things, meeting people, having publications read, are all benefits to having a webpage. There is a demand for video and audio now on the Internet and in the future there is a movement toward the convergence of the cable companies and the telecommunications. Webpages are an important advancement in technology. People all over the world should start to learn more about the world wide web and creating webpages. Having a webpage helps in advertisements, makes your credentials and personality more accessible to people who want to know about you, has your e-mail readily available for people who want to get in touch with you, you can register your page with different search companies so others can find you by any means you would like such as a baseball fan or a premedical student.

There are different ways in which web pages are created. The first step in creating a webpage is having an address. There are Internet sites that supply free homepage addresses and even aid in the development such as Most schools or businesses also supply addresses or URL’s (uniform resource locator). There are many corporations that offer this free service or it may come along with your Internet Service Provider, which you may have to pay for, so you should never pay for the actual homepage access. Webpages can be made by a process called drag and drop which is where images or text is copied from another homepage and is pasted onto some kind of word processing software such as Word 7.0. As you do this, you can add your own text and images as well. The file has to then be saved as a HTML file and uploaded to your URL. This method is fairly simplistic and is recommended for those who have no background in computer programing. Another method that the companies, such as Geocities, uses is a basic HTML programing. You find images within the company and they program in HTML for you. With this method it is easier to change sizes and colors of images. You then write your own text in the file where ever you want to place it. This gives you a little more freedom in the design in of your webpage. All webpages are created by this computer programing language called HTML which stands for hypertext markup language. This language uses “simple commands within standard ASCII text document to provide an integrated, two-dimensional display of text and graphics.” (Hutchinson 519) This gives a person ultimate freedom in the creation of the webpage and is only limited to the individuals capabilities. When programing in HTML there is a very basicby


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