Queen Elizabeth And Henry VIII Essay Research

Queen Elizabeth And Henry VIII Essay, Research Paper

She took

over the position of England’s leader when her father Henry

VIII died. She didn’t care one way or the other what every

ones religion was. So she made Anglican the national

church, and she didn’t bother anyone who practiced other

religions. She had no problem with other countries invading

because they all wanted to marry into the royal family. So

Elizabeth held her ground and never married, this way she

insured England’s safety. So instead of marrying she just

played everyone. Her cousin Marry the Queen of Scott’s

tried to turn the Scottish people into Catholics. but they

were all Prodistant. So they drove her out of Scotland and

Elizabeth let her stay in England. In England she met with

assassins and was plotting against her cousin (Elizabeth).

She (Marry) was warned by Elizabeth not too but she

continued. When Marry was caught in the act of conspiring

Elizabeth had no choice but to kill her cousin. Henry VIII

was Elizabeth’s father. He was very athletic in his younger

years but as he got older he became very out of shape.

Henry had a problem with wives, he went through six of

them. Two of them were beheaded and he divorced

another and a few died in child birth. He wanted a son to

be his aire but he only had one that was not all their and

died. Henries only other children were daughters. Marry

was the first to take over but she had died after being ruler

after a short while. Henry VIII created the Anglican church

so he could get a divorce without the Catholics church

permission. Henry made everyone take an oath to him as

head of the church. If they did not they would be killed.

Henry’s good friend Sir Thomas More did not take an oath

to him. Henry begged and begged him to but he was a

strong Catholic. So Henry killed him like he said he would.

In Henry’s later years he became obsessed with having a

son, but he never had one. So henry ate, got fat and old,

then he died.


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