Of Men And Mice Essay Research Paper

Of Men And Mice Essay, Research Paper

Raphael Radon

Ms. Peters

English III Honors

In “Of Mice and Men” George speaks of a dream ranch to Lennie . He speaks of it to Lennie as a parent would when telling an intangible fairy tale to a child. Lennie asks George to tell the story so frequently that he basically knows all the words before George even says them. This ranch is a continuous reference to how the characters feel about their dream . The ranch has a specific structural function in the story. Its a bond Between George and Lennie , a “hook” to encourage the reader to change his mind although you are pretty sure of the outcome , and a symbol of the flock of people who are down on their luck looking for a way out .

George who is an intellectual and responsible man has no common bond between his slow and childish friend Lennie . George who inherited guardianship from Lennie?s aunt Clara has an authoritative relationship with Lennie this isn?t enough to solidify an ongoing relationship . There is something else which is needed . It is a conflict or worry that both men have to be involved in . This is how they form a common bond because they share the same dream and are working together to achieve it . They are ready to go through thick and thin to get to their goal.

As a reader reads the story , they quickly seem to get the impression that they will never achieve their goal . For one Lennie is a “Ball n Chain” to George . George drags him around and Lennie is constantly getting into trouble , so often that before George and Lennie even step foot on the ranch George tells Lennie to hide out in the brush in case of trouble thats how sure he is that Lennie will drag him down and get in trouble . When Lennie fights curly its safe to assume he might be fired or in trouble so the dream ranch would be impossible to fulfill without a steady job to bring in money . So it seems hard to believe that the ranch will ever exist. On the contrary George finds an actual real ranch for sale . It was for $600 but he was sure he could get it for less. So now the reader can expect that it is possible and it could happen . As the story continues to progress the reader finds out that Candy lost his arm on an accident which happened on the ranch , he was awarded a compensation fee of $350 . This makes the dream an even more reality .But when Lennie kills Curly?s wife the dream is shattered , Candy asks George “We are still going to get that ranch right” ? Now the reference clearly shows there is now way even though the dream was some what a reality and keep the men?s hopes up . So the dream ranch serves as a reference rollercoaster one minute you think its a dream that will never happen then the next minute you think it is a very good possibility that it just might happen . So it keeps you hooked because of the circumstances and the intensity of the irony .

Lennie , Candy , and George are pretty much down on their luck . George is stuck with Lennie , Candy has no way out his problems and he has one hand , and Lennie is to stupid to take care of himself and can?t ever be independent enough to take care of himself . They are all stuck in one place. This is a farming job which requires hard labor and little or no fun . To them the ranch symbolizes a peaceful way out of all their problems. Ironically the story and the death of Lennie by the story teller?s hand suggests a mysterious overtone through which in spite of the tragic sense of the scene Lennie?s death become almost a transfiguration of the intended meaning of the dream . A peaceful way out . That?s exactly how Lennie dies staring off into the mountains talking about his dream .

The dream ranch served as a bond between Lennie and George. They had nothing incommon except their dream ranch . The dream ranch also served as a literary hook to “reversal” into the narrative . The outcome a reader expects changes due to the dream ranch becoming a reality more and more but then ironically it changes due to a completely unforeseen event such as accidentally killing someone. The ranch is also a symbol of the hard working troubled men . It is a peaceful way out. But ironically no one gets the dream ranch except Lennie in the manner that he dies talking about it and being sure its happening .The function of the dream ranch was more than just a story plot . It was a symbol , bonding instrument , and literary hook .


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