Change Essay Research Paper ChangeModernization reform and

Change Essay, Research Paper

ChangeModernization, reform and revolt are the building blocks to the change of a society. During the turn of the century many nations experienced radical changes in there social structure and in there traditional customs. China having its traditions and customs basically staying unaltered for centuries was extremely resistant to change, progression, new ideas and technologies. One novel Family by Pa Chin depicted the struggle of Chinese students trying to reform there school systems and to fight against the injustices that the military was imposing. Though the book centers around two brothers it depicts many characters that are related to them in some way. From the lowly servant girl to the highest female elder, each has a feeling of entrapment and wishes to break free. Yet each acts as they are told by the elder of them and the eldest is often is so set in the old ways that it is near impossible to go against him. Chinese families are set upon honor and respect. Each family member has a place and duties according to the position in the family. Often the eldest son is reared to become the master of the house hold. He usually has no choice in what his occupation is or even who his wife will be, everything is planned out by his father or grandfather. The younger sons are given a little more freedom with what they can do and who they will marry but it is often deiced by the older brother once he becomes master of the household. They were allowed to attend schools and were the basic building blocks of most of the revolutions. The women of the household are expected to learn all the traditional roles of a Chinese woman and in modern times to learn to read and write from tutors or in rare cases attended all girls school. Basically the entire structure of family life dependent on age, gender and respect.

The new ideas of reform and radical change were based in several periodicals and magazines that young minds read. These periodicals contained essays and stories of new ideas, change in government were devoured by young minds eager to learn and express there intelligence. They read of other revolts and demonstrations and were inspired to stand up for there basic human rights as well as for the right to become educated. Change, everything comes down to that one concept. China underwent radical change in one century over traditions that had been established for thousands of years. These changes were able to take place because of new inventions and technologies the printing press, mass production, and electricity all helped to fuel the over movement to a new society. by


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