Cleanig Your Throne Essay Research Paper CLEANING

Cleanig Your Throne Essay, Research Paper


This past summer I worked as a custodian in a manufacturing plant. Part of my

job was cleaning bathrooms. I estimate throughout the summer I cleaned up to five

hundred bathrooms. I consider myself an expert on the subject. Using my process for

cleaning bathrooms, an immaculate bathroom is achievable.

The initial step in the process is to gather all the necessary cleaning supplies: mop

and bucket, glass cleaner, floor soap, toilet bowl cleaner, toilet brush, paper towel, a

sponge, bathroom cleaning solution with bleach, toilet paper, trash bag, broom and dust

pan, and gloves are recommended. Make sure to read all of the labels on the cleaners for

warnings, to avoid possible hazards.

Next, everything must be removed from the room that is on the floor. This

included rugs, trash cans, and any garbage laying on the floor. After taking everything

out of the room, sweep the floor.

Now it is time for the dirty work. This is where I suggest wearing gloves. Take

the toilet bowl cleaner and apply it to the inside of the bowl, underneath the rim. Now

using the brush, scrub the inside of the bowl making sure to remove all stains. After all

stains are removed, flush the toilet to reveal a clean bowl.

After cleaning the inside of the toilet, it is time to clean the outside. Using the

bathroom cleaner with bleach, spray the entire outside of the toilet. The bleach in the

cleaner kills the bacteria on the toilet, but it also can cause serious damage to clothing.

BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN USING BLEACH. Wipe the toilet with a moist sponge.

Be sure to clean the entire toilet including the base, the seat, and the tub behind the bowl.

When the sponge gets dirty, rinse it off in the sink. Continue cleaning the toilet until it is

sparkling clean.

Now that the toilet is completely clean, move over to the sink. Use the same

cleaner that was used to clean the toilet, however use a new sponge. Spray the entire

sink, including the faucet, and the outside of the sink. Wipe the sink down with the new

sponge and rinse the sink with clean water. Do not worry about getting the floor wet.

After the sink has been wiped and rinsed, dry it with paper towels.

Usually a mirror is placed above the sink. By this time the mirror will be splashed

with water and cleaner and will also need to be cleaned. To do this, cover the mirror with

a thin film of glass cleaner. Wipe the mirror with paper towels in a waving motion until

all streaks and smudges are removed.

Now everything in the bathroom is clean except the floor. To clean the floor, fill

a bucket with warm water and floor soap. If no floor soap is available, any soap with a

capful of bleach will be suitable. Fill the bucket three quarters of the way up. Now take

the mop and soak it in the water. With the saturated mop, mop the floor from the

backside of the room, to the end where the door is located. The floor should have a thin

layer of water on it. Now take the mop and wring it out so that it is dry. With the dry

mop, go back over the floor in the manner that was performed when the mop was wet. If

the mop begins to get wet again, wring it out and continue mopping. When the floor is

finished, leave the room for ten minutes to allow it to dry.

While the floor is drying, empty the garbage and replace the bag with a new one.

If any rugs were taken out of the room, knock them against a wall to remove any dirt

hidden inside the rug. Make sure to sweep the mess that was created by beating the rugs

on the wall.

By this time, the floor should be dry and the job will be ready to complete. Place

the rugs on the floor where they belong. Put the garbage can back from where it was

taken. If the toilet paper is low, replace the roll with a new one and put the remaining roll

on the top of the toilet. The job is now complete. Leave the room and remember to put

the seat down and turn off the lights.


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