Long Hard Road Outta Hell Essay Research

СОДЕРЖАНИЕ: Long Hard Road Outta Hell Essay, Research Paper Brian Warner aka Marilyn Manson was born on January 5, 1969. He was raised in his grandfather?s home. His grandfather was a bad influence on

Long Hard Road Outta Hell Essay, Research Paper

Brian Warner aka Marilyn Manson was born on January 5, 1969. He

was raised in his grandfather?s home. His grandfather was a bad influence on

Brian, because 1. Had beer cans covering the basement floor of the house, 2.

Molested Brian, and many more reasons.

Brian went to a private Catholic school, for much of his life. As time

passed, he got into Rock music, with bands like AC/DC, Iron Maiden, and

Black Sabbath.

He got in trouble many times for the pictures he made, such as

someone dressed like a ?devil? and he got in trouble for selling the kids Rock

cd?s (or tapes).

Around 8th grade, he switched to a public school. He made a lot of

friends there. He finally started a band. The First Marilyn Manson band was

called ?Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids.? The following people were in

it: Brian Warner – Vocals; Daisy Berkowitz – Guitar; Gidget Gein – Bass;

Sara Lee Lucas – Drums; Maddne Wayne Gacy – Keys.

After a few weeks of them playing, they started doing ?mini concerts.?

They played at their school, other schools, and then, started thinking of

making a demo tape.

When they FINALLY got a record contract, they started doing huge

tours. People think that by the way he looks, and by lyrics of previous albums

that he is some kind of satanist or something. Well, in this book, I learned

what a ?Satanist? is. I quote from the book:

? What nearly everybody in my life-from John Crowell (pope) to Ms. Price

(teacher)- had misunderstood about Satanism was that it is not about ritual

sacrifices, digging up graves, and worshipping yourself, because you are

responsible for your own good and evil. Christanity?s war against the devil

has always been a fight against man?s most natural instincts-for sex, for

violence, for self gratification- and a denial of a man?s membership in the

animal kingdom. The idea of heaven is just Christianity?s way of creating a

hell on earth.? – Marilyn Manson with Neil Straus pp. 164

Currently, the record companies that ?own? Marilyn Manson are

called: Interscope(c) and Nothing(c). Many people admire Brian, because he

is doing what he wants to do, and no one is stopping him. No matter what

people say, He just does what he wants and loves doing. That is music. No

one will ever change his mind about his music.

I would reccomend this book mainly to someone who thinks Marilyn

Manson, is disguisting, perverted, etc., because they will learn what kind of

person he really is. Many rumors about him have made people think in bad

ways about him. Here are a few rumors:

?Marilyn Manson will commit suicide of his Holloween concert by blowing

up the venue and everyone in it?

?I heard thatMarilyn Manson is a member of a cannibal group and he really is

black, and he bleached his skin?

?A girl at my school say that the Rev. (Brian Warner) sold his right eye to

the devil, and that is why he wears red make up underneath his eye?

?The Rev. was making cutting motions across his neck with a knife, and

accidentally cut too deep, severing his windpipe. Twiggy held his throat

togeather so he could breathe till the paramedics got there?

Those are just a few rumors. Many people who protest Marilyn

Manson, think they have good reasons… Here are a few small quotes:

?This is perhaps the sickest group promoted by a mainstream record

company? – Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut

?Were fighting against God against Satan? – Florence Hensell, Letter to

Utica City Council, on a concert at Utica Audotorium.

?[Marilyn Manson] if further proof that society?s moral values continue to

crumble? – Anonymous

To end with my summary, I would like to put two quotes from Brian

that really makes you kind of think.

?If People are going to hate me, I want them to hate me for the right reasons?

?I have more than 450 scars, not counting emotional ones? – Brian Warner



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