Qualities Of A Hero Essay Research Paper

Qualities Of A Hero Essay, Research Paper

Terry Bradshaw drops back to pass, he reads over the defense, sees the safety

blitz and knows the defender is man up on Lynn Swann. Bradshaw floats one to the

corner. Touchdown Pittsburgh. Nowadays a lot of athletes are depicted as heroes.

Terry shows all the qualities of a hero: determination, intelligence, and risk

taker. He is determined to complete the pass so he stays in the pocket and takes

a hit to make the play. He is intelligent enough to see the blitz and know what

to do. He could get injured or get intercepted but takes the risk of throwing

the ball up for grabs with a defender coming at him.

To be a hero you have to be determined. You have to want to succeed. Setting

goals will help you get to the places you want to be. No matter what you do or

what you are, you have to be determined. In sports you should set personal goals

in the off season and team goals during the season. At work you should try to

get raises and promotions. Once you set your goals and are determined to get

them you will be successful.

Being intelligent is one of the most important things you can be. Taking the

time to think out things is always worthwhile. If you?re playing a sport you

can out think your opponent. At work or school you can do a better job and be

done quicker. It doesn?t matter what you do when you get older as long as you

have the ability to think things out. The reason I picked Terry Bradshaw to

symbalize a hero is because more than any other position a quarterback has to be

able to think every play. He needs to read over defenses and know which receiver

is open. Defensive coordinators try to confuse quarterbacks and maybe force them

into a bad play. You have to be intelligent and have your head on a swivel so

you don?t make a mistake. Being intelligent is the most important part of

being a hero and successful in everyday life.

Nobody has ever gotten anywhere without taking a risk. A risk can get you

anything from a girl?s phone number to a job. Sooner or later if you want to

move up in the world you?re going to have to take some kind of a risk. You can?t

just be satisfied with who you are and what you?ve accomplished. You should

always want more. Wanting more is what keeps successful people successful. Don?t

be happy with success, expect it. You look at a Terry Bradshaw and wonder what

makes him tick. He?s won a superbowl, been a great quarterback at every level,

and broken some records. But the thing that makes him a hero is him not being

satisfied and just wanting more. Risks don?t always pan out but if you?re

smart about how you take them, they will always be better than doing the same

old thing.

Sport stars are the most idolized people these days. I thought Terry Bradshaw

would symbalize a lot of what people think is a hero. If you are determined to

succeed, take a risk to get there and are smart enough to stay there you will be

idolized and have the qualities of a hero.


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