My Own Utopia Essay Research Paper Overwhelmed

My Own Utopia Essay, Research Paper

Overwhelmed with happiness, I put my hands to my face and begin to weep hysterically.

Through two blurry eyes, I glance around to descry an unfamiliar place, yet I have dreamed all my

life to be here. Never have I imagined such raving beauty and effulgence. I walked the ground of

a new paradise earth.

Scrumptious sun-ripened fruitage abundantly covered the stems of all the trees as well as

the green earth below. Longing for a nibble of the apple lying at my feet, I licked my lips, stooped

down, and swiped it up. There were no men or snakes around to get me into trouble, so I

devoured that apple. Vegetation of all sorts grew by the bushels through out the terra firma as far

as I could see.

Far more brilliant than what I was once used to, the sun shone through the clouds and lit

the entire earth. The thrill of never distressing over lathering my skin in greasy, malodorous sun

tan oil again, forced a smile upon my face; the ozone layer was rejuvenated. Gently the summer

zephyr carried a somewhat familiar aroma, the country air I was used to, maybe. Pleased with

the familiar aroma, I inhaled as much of it as possible.

Wild life of all kingdoms grazed in the open fields surrounding me. Fierce lions and tigers

strutted back and forth with pride, not posing a threat to me or the other animals. Flabbergasted,

I paused to admire the bizarre interaction between them. Hiding from ferocious beasts that ruled

the forests was indeed unnecessary now. Harmoniously, young animals of opposite families,

played together, as their parents collected food for their survival. Birds chirped sweet melodious

tunes like a church quire on a cheerful Sunday afternoon.

Calmly, the spring water gurgling nearby, relaxed all the tension from my back and

brought peaceful memories into mind. I though back to the sizzling summer days, when my

friends and I would strip down to our birthday suits, and make a run for the water, being careful

to conceal our bare necessities. Pushing my mind back to the present situation, I slowly walked

to the stream. I kneeled down in the soggy green sedge as I cupped my hands to gather some

water for sipping. As I looked into the water, startled, I jumped back and toppled over. Push-

in myself up, I cupped my hands again, and this time splashed my face with the ice cold water,

hoping what I saw was different this time. Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath as I looked once

more, still, my face was perfectly beautiful, just as I was afraid of. My face and body had changed

into something amazing and so perfect, not like anything I was used to. Still in dismay I forced

myself off the ground as I started walking to what seemed like nowhere.

Euphoric cries echoed close by. Excitedly, my eyed jolted to where the cries were coming

from. The thought of another human-being present brought ecstasy to my soul. Briskly walking,

following the cries, I abruptly came to the edge of a precipice, which was rather peculiar. From

the view I had earlier, as far as I could see, the land was completely flat, with an occasional hill or

two. Thousands upon thousands of people of all ethnicity congregated in the valley below me. I

foresaw an significant journey ahead of me, that would take dedication and duration on my part. I

had an important decision to make. The temptations of the world would not stop me. Neither

would drugs, immorality, drunkenness, or any other atrocities get in my way. As I made it to the

bottom of the valley I was greeted with hug and kisses of familiar faces. I was reunited with my

long deceased grandparents. Everyone congratulated me for conquering the test, that they them-

selves once conquered. A big toothy grin covered my face, failing to conceal how proud I was of


Everything was perfect, and then suddenly, I woke up. The utopia I dreamed of was now

gone, never to return again. Only in my sweetest dreams would this paradise ever return to me




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