Monte Cristo Essay Research Paper In The

Monte Cristo Essay, Research Paper

In The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexander Dumas places Edmond Dantes in the position to act as God around those whom he is associated with. It is common knowledge, that God is a kind, loving, all knowing, and wrathful. Dantes is shown to have all of these characteristics. Dantes first shows his kindness as the Abbe Busoni and Lord Wilmore as he rewards those who were once kind to him. Dumas makes clear of Dantes being all knowing as he shows how each of Dantes’ enemies are indebted to him. Dumas points out the wrath of God as Dantes carries out his revenge.

As Abbe Busoni and Sinbad the Sailor(or Lord Wilmore), Dantes acts as a kind and merciful God as he rewards the faithful. He also rewards those who have in one way or another helped in the past. First, he goes to Caderousse to use him as an informant. Because Caderousse is a greedy man with no moral misgivings, he is easily coaxed into telling tales against others. For this, Caderousse is rewarded with a large diamond. Caderousse, like all others, makes mistakes, and because of his own greed, he brought about his downfall. After Dantes rewards Caderousse, his goal is to reward Morrel by saving his firm from bankruptcy, thus saving his honor. However, instead of giving money directly to Morrel, Dantes disguises as a bank representative and extends Morrel’s debt three months. Dantes now shows that he believes that a man must suffer before he can enjoy happiness. In a way, this is like God. Dantes takes his laws and principles and rewards and punishes accordingly, as is the same with God.

When Dantes makes his appearance as the Count of Monte Cristo, he cleverly arranges having his archenemies indebted to him. When Monte Cristo goes to Italy for the Carnival, the bandit Luigi Vampa kidnaps Albert de Morcerf, son of Fernand and Mercedes. Monte Cristo saves Albert, causing the de Morcerfs to be in his debt. Not only that, but it gives Monte Cristo a reason to go to Paris. After Monte Cristo returns Madame Danglars horses, he includes the diamonds that adorned the horses. For such a generous gift, Danglars declares himself indebted to Monte Cristo. The Count also wins the trust of Madame Heloise de Villefort by saving her and rejuvenating her son. He knows that Madame de Villefort will relate the incident to her husband who will then feel obligated to visit Monte Cristo, which is all in his plan of vengeance.

As Monte Cristo carries out his revenge, it becomes apparent that he aims for things that will hurt his enemies the most. Monte Cristo knows that Fernand has a lot of pride. He also knows that Fernand lives a lie. To bring an end to Fernand, Monte Cristo just brings out the truth. By doing this, Fernand looses his status and honor in life. Because his family is disgraced, they desert Fernand which leads his to commit suicide. Monte Cristo slowly reveals to Villefort that he knows about a love affair that Villefort had long ago with Madam Danglars. He also revealed to him, by hints, that he knows about the illegitimate child whom he fathered, a child whom Villefort had believed to be buried alive. When everything hits Villefort, he realizes what had happened and rushes home to find his wife and son dead. Though Monte Cristo doesn t kill Villefort, he is ruined none the less, for he realizes that God(Monte Cristo) has struck him down. To bring about Danglars downfall, Monte Cristo plays with Danglars greed. Italian bandits hold him hostage and makes him pay all of five million francs for food and drink . Danglars believes that the bandits are joking but to Monte Cristo, it is an ironic joke. As a result of Danglars, Dantes father died in poverty and hunger. Thus, Monte Cristo punishes Danglers by ruining him financially and by starving him.

Dantes begins his role as God by showing compassion, as he portrays the kind loving God that most are familiar with. Dantes then shows the all-knowing God as he is able to get each of his enemies indebted to him. Finally, Dumas shows the wrath of God as he brings down the wicked. Dantes fills the roll of the wrathful God of the Old Testament, for he believes the sins of the fathers fall upon their children. Dumas surely did give Dantes the position of God.


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