Me And My Daughter Essay Research Paper

Me And My Daughter Essay, Research Paper

1a) Some right that Betty is not intitled to are, that she is not allowed to express herself and express her opinions which means she can’t express herself by what she wears or what she does with out getting beaten by Moody

1b) Another right is, that she has her own right to be a nationallist, which means she has the right to choose what nationality she wants to be. Whether that be Iranian or American, in america the woman has her rights and the man has his right but in Iran the man has all the rights and the woman has none.

1c) No one shall be held in slavery or servitudeis another right, it occurs in the movie when Moody always tells Betty to do things and if Betty doesn’t do it she gets betten. Normally they are thing Betty doesn’t want to do like go to the market with out Mahtob.Which means Betty is in Slaved by Moody. Moody then does not have any respect for Betty and does not trust her. He did when they were in America and that is why Betty wants to go back.

2) Dear United States Govenment,

I am writing to you to defend my actions against my wife (Betty Mahmoody) and my daughter (Mahtob Mahmoody). This letter is about the actions that i took on my wife, including violence and bashed her around a few times. Its not that i wanted to do it. It is just a tradition in my family and our country, that men get the most privledges and women are second class citizens. Men come first but that is not my ruling that is just the way it is. If i had my way i would make the men and women the first class citizens. I never used her for sex like most men do but i did trust her and i did respect her and that is why i didn’t have sex with her. I didn’t let her go with out food i did give her money for food and cloths. I did let her see Mahtob and i did let her do many things that most women are not ment to do so over all i did treat her well.

Bye Moody Mahmoody

P.S. I would appriciate it if Betty came back to Iran where i will treat her better.

3) I have chosen to do my example of injustice on the Chinese, one child policy. In China, a mother is not allowed to have more than one child unless it is disabled or it is a female. This is because a female and a disabled person are not very useful in the farm or in the normal city life. They inforced this law because China was getting over populated and there was way to many people that thought they didn’t have but when they did the survey they actually relized how many people they actually had.


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