Hatchet Essay Research Paper HatchetI chose this

Hatchet Essay, Research Paper

HatchetI chose this book because I thought it would be very interesting. I read the back cover and picked out the book because I thought I would like it. The main character in this story is Brian, who went through a plane crash and had to survive on his own for fifty-four days. The character I liked the best was Brian because he is brave, smart, and never gives up. Hatchet is about a boy named Brian Robeson. His parents are separated and live in different parts of the continent. Brian is on his way to live with his father for the summer, when the pilot of the two person plane has a heart attack. Brian keeps the plane up until it runs out of gas, and then he aims for a lake that he can glide into. As soon as they hit the lake, Brian has to swim to the surface before he drowns, leaving the dead pilot in his seat belt. All Brian has is the clothes and a hatchet his mother gave him. While stranded somewhere in Canada, Brian learned how to make a fire, which kept mosquitos away. He builds a spear for fish, and a bow and arrow for hunting birds. He lives in a cave, and does pretty well. After a while, he gets trampled by a crazy moose, and hurts his ribs. In the same day, he gets hit by a tornado. After a while he is better and decides to go look for the survival kit inside the airplane. It takes him all day, and exhausts him, but he finally does it. Inside it there are tons of riches. There is a rifle, but he doesn’t like it because it takes him away from all he has learned. There is also almost a years supply of dehydrated food. Last, there is an emergency contact mechanism, and without knowing it, Brian turns it on and leaves it on. When he turned on the mechanism, someone came and found him, and took him back to his family.

When I finished the book, I felt surprised. There was an epilogue at the end telling that it was a true story. I wondered when it took place, since the book wasn’t published that long ago. From this book, I learned to always try your hardest and to never give up, because if Brian had given up or not have tried hid hardest, he would have never lived to come back home. by imbonafide@aol.com


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