Discussing the look of a star

Discussing the look of a star

- Hi!! You know, I’ve recently seen on TV the latest release of Tyra Banks show. So she changed her look again. Imagine it! The hairdo becomes shorter and she changed the color of hair.

- Oh, really?! How could I miss this issue of that?! Of course I’ve already listened about her new changes, but now just want so badly to see it by my own eyes! And what about her general look? Is there still are these awful overalls on her that make her to seem fat and awkward?

- Emm, in fact, no… during the show she wore a simple skinny sky blue jeans with high heeled boots made of suede on it. The ordinary looking white silk V-neck blouse with a pocket sewed on the right size as a bottom.

- Ok, if I understood clearly, it’s similar to ‘cowboy’ stile in woman version. So in this way it might to seem trendy. But, for my point of view, I adore more her dressing more glamorous stuffs and garments such as a long glisten smoky-colored dress which she was wearing during one high society ceremony.

- I’m agree with you, but don’t you believe the ordinary casual look make her more pretty that all that glamorous stuff? These conventional pieces of clothing just make she more younger: with no all that make up, only pots and trousers (jeans)!

- Alright! Well, I can suggest of our discussion: if she’ll mix up her casual style with some traits of her glamorous style – it would be the best part of her!!

- Hi! I’m going to do shopping, lets go with me!
- With pleasure. I like it and u?
- I go shopin’ quite a lot. That distraction is fantastic. When I’m fitting new clothes, I’m caught in the world of light and good emotions.. (далее могут идти рассуждения о красоте шопинга, позаимствованные у героини из фильма, который мы смотрели)
As for u, why do u like shopping?
- Mm I guess, I’m attracted to the style of clothing and also I very like cheap prices
- Oh look! Today there is the sale in the “world of fashion” !!! lets look in at this shop!
- Ok.. wow. That silk frock is cute. It’s a very nice choice for summer, speckled fabric, collar less.. and it is well made.
- And it is Cardin! Look at the price.. oh, I prefer the cut like here. That dress, f.ex., is narrowed, and the price is conveniable
- Yea and u can also choose a handbag with keychain.. and that white jacket. Try on!
- …
- U r awesome! It’s wonderful to do shopping


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