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15 FEBRUARY 1999


Stephen King is the author of more than thirty worldwide bestseller. Much of his

work has made its way to movie and television screens around the world. Stephen

King lives in Bangor, Maine, with his wife, the novelist Tabitha King. He refuses to

go into the cellar of his home, having come to believe that a velociraptor is waiting

for him under the stairs by the fusebox with its eyes gleaming and its nasty little

claws outstretched. The reason he writes horror, ?I?ve always written horror…because

it?s a kind of psychological protection. It?s like drawing a magic circle around myself

and my family. My mother always used to say,?If you think the worst, it can?t come

true? I know that?s only a superstition, but I?ve always believed that if you think the

very worst, then, no mattered things get (and in my heart I?ve always been convince

that they can get pretty bad), they?ll never get as bad as that. If you write a novel

where the bogeyman gets somebody else?s children, maybe they?ll never get your

own children…?

His full name is Stephen Edwing King ,he is marry with Tabitha Spruce, whom he

met at the University of Maine at Orono.He has three childrens, Owen Phillip, Joseph

Hillstrom and Naomi Rachel. When he was three, King’s merchant seaman father

went to get a pack of cigarettes and was never seen again. Sometime in 1959/60 King

discovered a box of science-fiction and horror books at an aunt’s house,and he start to

write short stories. Between 1971 and 1973 King taught English at Hampden

Academy, living in a trailer and writing for magazines as an extra source of income.In

1973 he became a full-time writer, publishing Carrie. After several moves, he reached

Bangor, Maine in 1980. In the words that grace so many of his books… “He lives with

his wife and their three children in Bangor, in Maine, his home state and the place

where he feels he really belongs?.

His books often focus on evil and the result that fear imposes on people. It deals

with several children who have a bit of a trouble with a long-living entity who goes

on a killing spree every 27 years… They try desperately to kill it and think they

succeeded as children… as they are older they find out that the thing has returned…

and they must defeat it once again. They come back to Derry to destroy the evil (it).

This time they manage to make absolutely sure that they kill IT.Finally they kill the

IT.Well each of them leave Derry, and totally forgets anything that happened. IT was

a kind of spider at the end of the story.

IT is related with Stephen King?s life, he had a lot of problems while on his child

hood. He always wanted to forget the past and in story he made his characters to

forget what happened.he can?t forget the past and he wants to show himself that he

can forget the bad thing if he really want to forget. On the beginning of the story he

show the children like a bunch of losers, other kids don?t like them ,they always mass

around them. Also a lot of kid mass around him when he was a little alone kid,he

wanted to make friends but no one did like him.he tell the hard thing for the

characters weary well because he had the same experiences. In the story he tell us

about his childhood under different names.

Stephen King believes medic, and he has a lot of fears.All most his all books he

use magic ,he thinks that magic is exist.Once he said that?Kids, fiction is the truth

inside the lie, and the truth of this fiction is simple enough: the magic exists?.In the

story characters beat the IT with magik,he believes magic so it isn?t hard to imagine

that kind of unbelievable things.At the end of the story IT shows her self like an

insect ,Stephen King fraids of spider and think that you are fraid of spider what do

you use for fraytined things ofcaurse giant spider.He tell the gint spider perfectly

because a spider is the most friytening thing for him.

This was the book finally convinced me that Stephen King was a total genius

(I almost read all of his books and this was the best of all).The book and the Stephen

King life has many common things and he mixed things weary professionally.He

puts the difficulties he had on the past and his biggest fear together and creates an

incredible story.Amazingly prolific Stephen King ,pitting good against evil in the

story ,that?s the one different part from his life.The exciting and absorbing part of

?It? are not the mechanical showdowns and shockeroos and certainly not the ?ideas?

but the simple scenes in which King evoke childhood in the 1950s.


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