Belief Systems Essay Research Paper There are

Belief Systems Essay, Research Paper

There are many different belief systems throughout the world today. Many of these include Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. All of these religions have both similarities and differences but the bottom line is that many people believe in each of these religions.

The first belief system that has many followers throughout the world is Judaism. Judaism is practiced throughout the world but is many concentrated in the United States and Europe. Some of the beliefs in Judaism consist of Monotheism, the belief in the Torah as the Holy books of Judaism, and also follow the Ten Commandments. Judaism was founded in the Middle East by Abraham. The main holy book of Judaism is the Torah. It is said that God Dictated to Moses what is now considered the Torah.

Judaism Impacts on everyday life in certain societies because Judaism has alot of laws to follow if you are very religious. For example if you keep kosher then it is against Jewish law to eat milk and meat at the same time. Also it is against Jewish law to eat pork or any kind of shellfish. Judaism isn t the most simple belief system but if sure is a very important thing to many Jews around the world.

Another major belief system around the world is Islam. This monotheistic religion has many followers throughout the world but was founded in India by a man named Mohammed. The major holy book in Islam is the Koran, which states the do s, and don ts of the Islamic Religion. Some of the other beliefs of Islam are the five pillars, which include the Profession of faith, the five daily prayers, Almsgiving, Fasting, pilgrimage to Mecca, and Jihad. Islam is still a major belief system in India and continues to grow in size every year.

Both Judaism and Islam have been around for thousands and thousands of years but are still widely followed throughout the world. Both of these belief systems continue to grow bigger and bigger every year. There are many belief systems around the world, but no matter what belief system you follow they all have rules and beliefs to go by. Belief systems not only are just things that you can say you are a part of, but they are a part of everyone no matter what belief system they follow.


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