Change Of A Lifetime Essay Research Paper

Change Of A Lifetime Essay, Research Paper

Leilani Torres

Duo, Mrs. Maxon



The Change of a Lifetime

To choose one event in ones life that was an important changing

event is extremely difficult. For ones life always has many important

changing events. I know in my life I have experienced many

important changing events, but to choose one is fairly easy for me.

The reason for this is because the changing event in my life has

stayed within me every minute and hour of my everyday.

In the beginning of ones life parents are all one has. For me it

was different. I only had one parent, my dad. I looked up to my dad

as someone I could trust and share feelings with, but never the

feeling of fear. I always knew deep inside my heart that it was never

my fault, that I never did anything so wrong to deserve what I

received for seven years.

Since I was seven until I was fourteen years old I was abused

physically by my own father that I trusted and looked up to. I could

never understand why the little things I did could make him so angry

until now. My dad was always stressed about his job and financial

problems. He also had a controlling problem not just with me, but

with whole family. I knew if I even made a simple mistake on my

homework like a coma I would be punished physically.

One day my father decided to check on how I was doing in

school. He found out I was missing a large amount of homework and

my grades were failing. When he got home he was furious and that is

when I received the worst beating of my life. When the beating over I

cleaned the blood from the floor and my face and went to bed. In the

morning I knew when he would return from work I would get another

beating and I did. Once again I found myself cleaning my blood from

the floor and my and face. I knew I could not take this any longer so

I went to the Windsor Police Department with my aunt. This was

extremely difficult for me since I still cared for him. The police then

put me in custody of my grandmother and arrested my father. This all

occurred on February 27-28, 1998.

For seven months I was demanded to attend many court

hearings. Then finally on the last court hearing I was forced to take

the stand and tell what took place on February 27-28, 1998. I am not

sure if I made the right decision or not. I ended up lying to the judge

and the attorneys. I told them I lied because my father restricted me

from going anywhere and that the bruises and cuts were from my

autistic cousin. The charges were dropped and my father was


This incident passes through my mind and heart everyday. I

am not sure if I will ever forget it, but I know my father will live with

his guilt forever. I thank Gods for my grandma Catalina Torres. She

has been my guide when I am lost. Everything I have now

accomplished is because of her.

If there is any advice I would give to anyone it would be, do not

tolerate any kind of abuse from anyone. No matter how much you

love that person the best thing to do is to have enough love for

yourself and get out of the abusive relationship. By parting yourself

from the abusive person you let them know this treatment is not

correct nor tolerated.


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