Jam Bands Essay Research Paper I have

Jam Bands Essay, Research Paper

I have played music for over 11 years and I have studied different types of music, like Jazz and blues. But now there is a style that blends these two and more together. This style is called Jam bands. They have been around for years but it did not have a name until now. But it does not just have to do with the band it also has a lot to do with the fans. There is a type of dress and things that they say. I will tell the type of dress, the way the fans talk, and the different bands that are in the scene.

The fans mostly make the stuff that they have with patches and old pants. Now you can buy them in the some stores but it is hard to find them. Shirts with band logos are also a big thing. The next thing that they need are sandals, the best ones are Berkenstoks, this brand is made in Germany and they form to your feet. Now let us look at the winter stuff. The pants will be the same, and so will the shirt. But they also have big pull over sweatshirt. But one of the best things are the hand knit hats and gloves that the people sell at the shows. So there are different things to wear when you are at a show.

The way that the people talk is also different to the way that all other people talk. There are many different slang words that people use to say what they want to. For example, there are ways to say the name of different beers. People call a Newcasle a Newky, and to ask for a Hinnican you would say simply a Hinny. There are also ways to tell people how you are feeling. For example if you were feeling down you would say “I feel low to the flow.” It sound a little strange but that is the way that they talk. Another is to say my soil is high today, that would mean that you are in top spirits with yourself. There are ways to put people in to a category like a stoner. A stoner is someone who does to many drugs and talks very slow. It makes me mad to see all of those people effect themselves. If you are always scared that something is going to happen, then you are “sketched out.” These are some of the different things that you can say when you are at a show.

Now that we have looked at the people we should look at what brings the people to the shows, the bands. There are lots of band in the scene today and most of them sound different then the others. Phish is the biggest Jam band of today; their shows make millions of dollars a year. But they are taking a break for a few years so that they can get all of the bad people out of the scene. Widespread Panic is also a very good band. The have a very earthy tone to the music. The band itself has 6 members that makes up their sound. The band has two drummers, two guitar players, a bass player, and one organ player. This makes a very large and fool sound. The String Cheese Incident is another band that has the fool sound. They are from Colorado and have been together for 13 years. They are one of my favorite bands. The funny thing is my brother-in-law has lived most of his life with them. Moe is a little different as they have more of a guitar sound. They play really well together and that is one of the most important parts of being a good band. With all the Jam Bands around today you should take the time to see one of them.

Jam bands are all different in their own way, but they all have a good message to the youth of today. There is also a sense of family with the people in the scene, and every one is nice to each other. You can go to different towns and meet people from all over the United State. I know people from over 30 states. But there are people that do things that they should not take drugs and steal things that they need. This is some of the things that we are trying to get rid of so people can have a good time and not harm themselves in any way. I hope if you have the time you will look at some of these groups at www.Jambands.com.

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