How Can We Acheive Clarity Through Writing

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How can we achieve clarity through writing?

?To judge anything with any degree of clarity and accuracy we would need all the information past, present, and future and how it will affect all concerned to make a perfect judgment. When no one has that skill, ability or information, you might agree, it may be unwise to judge.? ? Sidney Madwed

What the author is saying, is that without the information of both sides of a story clarity can not be reached and it is unfair to judge before you can achieve this clarity. This is very true; many of the people of the world have strong views based on race, religion, and education and tend to prejudge others based on these ideals. They generally do not look at the holistic view and others suffer prejudices that could be avoided. By achieving clarity, a deeper holistic view will be achieved, making basis of prejudices more valid.

My growth of writing in this semester has developed immensely. When I first came into this class, I had very poignant views that were based strictly on my morals. Through this class though, I was able to create a sense of clarity in my thoughts and writing by looking deeper into other people?s opinions, not just the single sided judgments that I had. The transformation that I went through created a greater worth of the words I wrote in my papers, and helped to make sense of all the issues addressed, not just one of them.

Only by looking at both sides of a story, we can achieve clarity in our writing. When we only take one view or stance to persuade an audience, we are caught up in our perspective and don?t take the time to get both of the views. Only one principle is being contested, leaving an empty space where the other vision should be. By doing this we only touch the base of a subject, get half of the account without voyaging deeper into the complexity of it, making our purpose less significant. When we look at both pieces of the story the readers can analyze and question the work, in hopes to grasp deeper thought. Doing this makes the paper as a whole more complete.

In my Conflict Narrative I tried to create this clarity by using information not only from my point-of-view, but also of that of the pool lifeguard, the security guard and the development manager. At first when I started writing this piece, I was angry about being kicked out of the pool. I thought that I was being singled-out and punished for something that was not my fault and it ruined my summer.

On the contrary, after looking at the point-of-view of the other characters in the story I was able to see why they made the decisions they did. I was not the problem, but part of a larger group that was causing the problems and the easiest way to stop the problems that were occurring, for them, was to rid of the group that was instigating them. By now looking at this past incident and seeing their perspective I respect the decisions they made. Now I realize that it didn?t ruin my summer and I have a completely different view to go by.

The importance of making a paper more clear is to create a sense of fullness, to full fill the readers quest for knowledge, and hopefully get the point you wanted to make across to them. With the full filled feeling the reader retains, a clear paper may still want to leave some questions unanswered to create a deeper feeling where the readers are left to examine their ideas and assumptions.

How do you apply a holistic view to everything?

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