Blasted Wabbitt Essay Research Paper Insomnia is

Blasted Wabbitt Essay, Research Paper

Insomnia is the perception or complaint of inadequate or poor-quality sleep because of one or more of the following: 1.difficulty falling asleep 2) waking up frequently during the nighttime with difficulty returning to sleep 3) waking up to early in the morning 4) unrefreshing sleep. Insomnia is not defined by the number of hours of sleep a person gets or how long it takes to fall asleep. Individuals vary normally in their need for, and their satisfaction with, sleep. Insomnia may cause problems during the daytime, such as tiredness, a lack of energy, difficulty concentrating, and irritability. A bout 15% of adults report severe or frequent insomnia, and another 15% complain of mild or occasional insomnia (Bootzin, 1993pg.191). I interviewed a friend of mine who had this problem, insomnia, his name was Guy. He told me that he found him self-falling in to the 15% of adults who are suffering from insomnia. In his freshman year of college here in Akron University. When he started school he told him self that he would study on the weekdays and not party until the weekend, so he can get good grads and sleep well. His plan lasted for about two weeks, because he started a new job and he had to work from 7:00p.m until 11:30p.m. the job gave him, a lot of stress, because it was a telemarketing job; every day he would go to work and try to sell credit cards to people. Every day he would get screamed at by costumers on the phone. He wasn’t pleased with his job, it was giving him a lot of stress, but he had to work, so he can pay for his rent and some of his bills. He told me that the only reason he stayed in telemarketing is because it pays really well. After work every day he and some of his crow workers would go to downtown, to the bars to get some alcohol drinks and after word he goes back to sleep at 3:00a.m and weak up 7:30a.m to go to school. That schedule affected his studies a lot and his hall life, his family dishonored him because of his bad grads, he started to feel stressed all the time, so one day he decided to not go to the bars any more, and to work different shifts so he can study and sleep well. When he started his new schedule he couldn’t sleep any more because his body gut used to sleep late and he felt that he has insomnia, so he went to a doctor to give him pills so he can go back to sleep as normal, the doctor told him that he has chronic insomnia, that caused by depression and drinking alcohol before going to bed. The doctor gave him sleeping pills to help him to improve his sleeping habits. He also has to see a physician to closely evaluate effectiveness and minimize side effects. He also tried some of relaxation therapy, sleep restriction therapy. It helped him a lot to improve in his life and his studies. Now he is doing great at school and his life is getting better now. A lot of questions were asked from people for example:

Who gets insomnia? and how is it diagnosed? And how is it treated?

Insomnia is found in males and females of all age groups, although it seems to be more common in females than males (especially after menopause) and in the elderly. The ability to sleep, rather than the need for sleep, appears to decrease with advancing age.

Patients with insomnia are evaluated with the help of a medical history and a sleep history. A lot of insomnia like transient and intermittent may not require treatment since episodes last only a few days at a time.

A lot of people think that they have insomnia, but the lab work proofed that some people go to sleep really well in the lab. They imagine them self that they are moving around in bed but they are actually sleep.


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