Queers Essay Research Paper In this age

Queers Essay, Research Paper

In this age of liberation and relative morality it is no surprise that homosexuals have tried very hard to gain ground in the way of civil rights. Homosexuals say they want equal rights, and they want homosexual-marriages to be legalized. However, what they are asking for is not reasonable. They are humans; and therefore they already have the same rights as every other human living in America. What homosexuals want are special privileges and the acceptance of homosexuality as a natural alternative lifestyle, second, marriage is already clearly defined, and third because homosexuals already have the same rights, they want special privileges, and since homosexuality is not an innate quality they don?t deserve them.

People who have been misinformed about what the homosexual agenda is think that homosexual marriage is natural and that it should be legalized. I however, am opposed to this because homosexuality is not a natural alternative lifestyle. First let?s define homosexuality. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, homosexuality is ?having a sexual orientation to persons of the same sex.? Men and women are obviously biologically different. ?People of the same sex having intercourse goes against what is biologically natural? (Baird 114). Part of the homosexual agenda is to make people believe that homosexuals are the same as heterosexuals when it comes to engaging in sexual behavior. This is absolutely not true. In Michelangelo Signorile?s book Cassel?s

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Queer Companion, a dictionary of lesbian and gay life and culture, he describes some of the sexual activities that homosexuals practice. These includes ?fisting, when one partner shoves his whole hand up the anus of the other partner? (Signorile 96). In the essay Homosexual Rights: What?s Wrong, written by Brad Hayton and John Eldrege, they stated that ?The U.S. taxpayer-funded Mapplethorpe photos. . . portraying typical homosexual behavior: fisting, urinating into anothers mouth, and andomasochism. The average homosexual has 10-106 different partners per year–300-500 in a life time? (Hayton 2). How can this be compared to heterosexual intercourse? How is this natural? It isn?t; this type of sexual behavior- even if it were practiced by heterosexuals- cannot be considered natural, in fact there are many states that have anti-sodomy laws though not enforced. As part of their agenda homosexuals not only want these things to be accepted and protected by the government, they also want them to be taught in public school as part of the sex education curriculum.

Homosexuals believe they deserve the right to get married that since they think they are an oppressed minority. Let me first define marriage; according to the American Heritage Dictionary marriage is defined as ?The legal union of a man and a woman as husband and wife.? It does not say ?The legal union of man and man as husband and husband?; nor does it say ?The legal union of woman and woman as wife and wife.? Marriage has a clear definition a definition that has been around since civilization began.

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?Why are homosexuals trying to redefine the meaning of something so sacred and natural like marriage when there are many other options that offer the same benefits?? (Sullivan 23). Marriage is the key to family stability, which in turn is the key to a stable society.

However, if homosexual-marriage is allowed, it will prevent and bastardize the significance of marriage. In an essay printed by Common Sense Now, the author

basically argues that ?children need a normal mother and father type of structure so that they are properly nurtured by parents of opposite sexes? (Gamson 29). This ensures a more natural upbringing. Since homosexual means ?same sex?, the results of this type of upbringing for a child may prove more detrimental than good. I believe that since the beginning of time, marriage has always been saved for a man and a woman, it should stay that way.

Homosexuals claim they are a minority and are pleading the government to give them equal rights. They form groups like the ?queer nation? (McCuen 3) to make it look like they are an oppressed people. This is absolutely ludicrous! Unless they go through what African Americans have been through, homosexuals have no clue as to what oppression is. In the Wall Street Journal, July 18, 1996, page B1, a chart was published comparing a true minority, African Americans, to a false minority, homosexuals. The table looks like this:

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________________________African Americans____________________Homosexuals_

Denied the right to vote? YES NO


Official segregation? YES NO


Denied access by law to public YES NO

drinking fountains, restrooms?


Denied access by law to businesses, YES NO

restaurants, barbershops etc.?


Verifiable economic hardships as a YES NO

result of discrimination?


Unfortunately, some homosexuals have been the victims of violence because of their lifestyle. I do not condone this, nor do I feel violence is an answer to the homosexual agenda. It is also understandable that they feel threatened by the violence but as the table shows, homosexuals have not been through anything remotely close to what African Americans have been through. Homosexuals also have no right to special privileges, because according to world renowned scientists, ?homosexuality is not an immutable characteristic such as skin color or eye color? (Schmidt 225). For example, Thomas Schmidt says ?We?re born man, woman, and sexual beings. We learn our sexual preferences and orientations? (203). Also, Dr. R. Kronenmeyer a renowned clinical psychologist states that ?Homosexuals are not born ?that way?. From my 25 years? experience as a clinical psychologist, I firmly believe that homosexuality is a learned response to early painful experiences and that it can be unlearned? (Bond 34). The last example is Dr. Judd Marmor, former president of the American Psychiatric Association, her states that ?No one has ever found a single, replicable genetic, hormonal or chemical difference between heterosexuals and homosexuals? (Bond 35). Since they are not a true

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minority, and homosexuality is not an immutable character, homosexuals do not deserve special treatment from the government.


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