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Lovehunnybunch Essay Research Paper When I grow

Lovehunnybunch Essay, Research Paper

When I grow up, I want to be a Paleontologist. After graduuating from F.L.I.C.S I want to go to Casstech High school in Detroit and graduate with honors. After graduating form Casstech I want to study at The University of Michigan located in Ann Arbor Michigan. I want to study the life patterns and habits of Dinosaurs. After my studieng to be a palentologist I would like to take a few classes in the egyption lifestyle. I would like to learn more about the way they mummified people long ago. Including all of the mythology of Egypt also. After I pursue my goal being a paleontologist , I would also like to pursue law enforcement like my brother. I would specificly like to work with in the southwest neighborhood.

Paleontology is the study of extinct mammals including Humans. Since I was little I have always been fascinated by dinosaurs, my mother and father have always encouraged me and bought me many Dinosaurs books. Specifically I am interested in the extinction of dinosaurs,

That is why I chose the Altered Family. Because they too, were interested in the extinction of Dinosaurs. What is so fascinating about Altered family is that they both believed that the Dinosaurs became extinct through a comet hitting the Earth. They later found out through geological studies that it was true. They believed that a layer of iridium was layed down by a comet hitting the earth. The were able to prove that a layer of iridium was layed down 65 million years ago. These co insides with the extinction of dinosaurs. This is the first serious proof of a cataclysmic event that extinguished the Dinosaurs. Other people have thought this but this is the first serious proof.

Matthew Henson was not a scientist as such however he was an explorer, which led to scientific discoveries, like finding the North Pole. Although Bird received the official

Credit for finding the North Pole, I do not think it could have been accomplished Without Matthew Henson. Matthew Henson were along With the Eskimos Henson handled their dogs, repaired equipment, and even made some equipment.

Ellen Ochoa was a scientific enginner and a doctor.She also studied at Standford University In Boston Massachusettes.She is famous for being the first Latina astrounout and inventor. She has patented many inventions, such as an optical system designed to detect imperfections in repeating patterns. Dr. Ochoa later patented an optical system which can be used to robotically manufacture goods or in robotic guiding systems. Ellen Ochoa Patented three inventions by 1990 s.