Doctor Dolittle Essay Research Paper My book

Doctor Dolittle Essay, Research Paper

My book report is on Doctor Dolittle. The author of this

book is Hugh Lofting. Doctor Dolittle talks to the animals

and is also kind of like a veterinarian. He knows most of the

animal languages. He really calls himself a naturalist which

studies plants and animals. He lives in Puddleby, England.

He has an assistant named Stubbins. Doctor Dolittle wants

to learn the language of the shellfish because they are one of

the oldest animals on earth. He thinks that they can tell him

secrets of the past. Doctor Dolittle decided to give up on the

shellfish language for a while. Stubbins and the Doctor play a

game that you close your eyes and flip the pages of an atlas

and put a pencil down on the page. The place that he picked

was Spidermonkey Island. The purple bird of paradise tells

him that the greatest naturalist is Long Arrow and that he

lives at Spidermonkey Island. Doctor Dolittle goes on a

voyage to Spidermonkey Island. The Doctor goes and he

saves Long Arrow and 9 other Indians from a cave that a

rock had covered the entrance. Doctor Dolittle found a way

to dig under the rock and make it fall. Another tribe on the

other side of the island wanted to go to war with the

peaceful indians. They were going to fight because they were

to lazy to do work because the island was floating South and

getting cold. The Doctor, Long Arrow, and another man

basically won the war for the tribe. They swung clubs and

knocked everyone out of the way. Then Polynesia(a talking

parrot) brought millions of black parrots from South

America. Most of the other tribe got their ears bit off.

Doctor Dolittle was made king of the tribe. They changed

his name to Jong Thinkalot because they didn?t think Dolittle

fit him. Doctor wanted to go but he had to stay and teach

the tribe to do things more modern. When he was crowned

a rock fell into a dead volcano and it made the island sink.

The Doctor decided to leave Spidermonkey Island and go

back to Puddleby. They rode back in a giant snail with a

glass shell. He taught Doctor Dolittle the shellfish language.

This was a good and interesting book. I wish that it never

would have ended. I recommend this book to everyone who

likes reading about people talking to animals and long



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