Titanic The Unsinkable Essay Research Paper The

Titanic The Unsinkable Essay, Research Paper

The Titanic was and still is considered one of the biggest disasters of

the century. The ship that was proclaimed to be “unsinkable” proved that

wrong. The if-onlys start to come in when you get to see all of the reasons

why the Titanic shouldn’t have sank even after it hit the iceberg, that is

what is so ironic.

The boat was supposed to have enough lifeboats for all of the passengers

on board but only had enough for 700 of the 2,200 passengers on board. If

only the Titanic had enough lifeboats, the sinking of the ship would not have

been so tragic.

The Titanic also has the unfortunate if-only of the Californian. The

Californian was a ship that was approximately 15 to 20 miles away from the

Titanic when it struck the iceberg. When the Titanic radioed the Californian

for assistance, the captain of the Californian had already gone to bed and no

one was there to receive the distress call. Stanley Lord, the captain of the

Californian has since been indirectly blamed for the deaths of the Titanic

passengers because his ignorence cost people their lives. If only the

Californian had been awake to meet the Titanic many hundreds of lives could

have been saved.

If only the lookouts had binocularsthen the Titanic could have been able

to spot the iceberg from as far as a mile back rather than 37 feet to

respond. The look out tower only contained men which have the eyesight at

night of around 250 to 750 feet. They didn’t not spot the iceberg until about

100 feet and didn’t react until over 60 feet later.

Another if-only is that the Titanic hitting the iceberg head-on. At the

time this would have seemed illogical so the crew is not blamed for trying to

turn. If only the Titanic would have struck the iceberg head-on a few rooms

of the bottom level would have been flooded, but would not have been enough

to sink it. The attempt to turn the Titanic out of the way of the iceberg

only caused the side of the boat to be scraped off leading to massive amounts

of flooding and eventually its sinking.

Lastly, the if only that the mystery boat in between the Titanic could

also have come to the rescue. Although the attempt to discover a mystery boat

is still on going, the possibility of a Norweagan vessel is a very good

possibility. If only the vessel would have stopped to help the Titanic rather

than not get caught for illegally harvesting elements, the Titanic disaster

could have easily been avoided.


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