Christianity Essay Research Paper IV Attitudes towards

Christianity Essay, Research Paper

IV Attitudes towards Christianity

Deep inside most people there is a need for something more then the ritualistic clich of everyday life. People yearn for an explanation, an out of the ordinary stretch past the thin, permeable steel bars of reality. Christianity feeds this hunger for purpose and gives some hope for the future. Yet many go astray, because society lures their hearts to believe that facts are of more relevance and worth then faith. The amount of faith a person has therefore varies because it depends on how he or she deals with this enormous pressure applied by society and common culture. Some people give-in to follow-the-crowd and never really enjoy or experience religion. Others extend the stonewalls of reality and allow the Christian faith to give them strength. There is a broad range of beliefs in the Christian religion so it can be broken up in to two main categories: believers and nonbelievers. Both of these categories contain similar subcategories that test the broad range of extremes of each basic category.

The believers category contains three subdivisions, which carefully test and separate the basic category. The first division is the deep devotion category. It can be broken up in to two categories also. There is the fickle and blind, which describes a type of person that could act violently or out of the ordinary to follow his or her religion to its full potential. When this occurs the person deviates from society and his or her peers in order to please the religion. These people usually end-up hypocritical or cynical because they follow the religion to the final word but sometimes the religion itself has many different meanings. Which make many pursue the next subcategory of the deep devotion category that is the modified category. This category is for the people that do not agree with all the parts of the church and religion so these types of people take parts from it and take only these parts to heart. Since there are no qualifications or extremes of the modification category there is no completion or need to be superior in order to be closer to God. This makes this category more understanding and true to ones self. The next subdivision of the believers category is the don t care and undecided category. This is by far the most populated part of the entire categorization. The people in this category are the people that never really show commitment towards Christianity. These people are the people that change back and forth between categories; they never really see the purpose in religion or Christianity they just follow-the-crowd. Some even actually get far in their faith, but faith usually is dropped and superceded by another object of more importance.

The nonbelievers category breaks up into the same three categories that the believers break-up into but there is greater weight on the fickle category then the undecided category because most people of other religions live in other countries, some are third world, and these people need something more to get them through their day they need something to guide them. In other words they need a reason to live. So they are more prone to follow the religion whole-heartedly.

The obvious question before the conclusion is met is: what about the middle category? What separates it?

The middle category is never really filled; people s minds change from one minute to the next and usually is being influenced by either side. So really no one ends up in the undecided category directly in the middle for very long usually they either do or don t believe.

But really overtime it does not matter what religion is chosen because in the end all religions believe in the same ideas. They are just practiced differently as seen in this categorization. All of the categories contain people with different ways of thinking, acting, and feeling towards religion but all of them deal with religion in a personal way. So therefore, no one should be persecuted for practicing a religion that does not harm them or others. Rather they should be commended and honored for finding something that really makes them happy. Some people take lifetimes to find such a treasure.


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