Story Tom Joad Essay Research Paper Tom

Story: Tom Joad Essay, Research Paper

Tom Joad, strong and young man in his mid-twenties, was hitchhiking back to his home after being released on a parole. He spent four long years in a prison for killing a person. On his way back he met Casey, a former preacher who baptized Tom when he was kid. They had a little drink together and Tom invited him to walk with him to his house. As they arrived there they found the house abandoned and smashed in the corner. Disappointed Tom had no idea what he will do next until he met Muley, a neighbor, who told that his family moved to his uncle’s place. That night they spend the night with Muley. The next day Tom and Casey walked to uncle’s farm. Tom met there his father who was surprised to see him as any other family member did. But they were all happy to see him. The Joad family was complete with the arrival of Tom. The family was preparing to leave for California with the hope to find jobs and money to feed themselves. They sold everything and bought a used car. On the way to California Tom’s grandparents die. At last they crossed the border of California and camped in one of the migrant camps. The first evening in the camp Tom and Casey argued with a labor contractor and sheriff when contractor refused to reveal the wage. As Tom was on parole Casey ordered him to hide while he stayed behind to give himself up in Tom’s place.

Later family leaves the camp heading towards the government camp. Once there, they saw a different camp from the previous one. The accommodations were clean and people in the camp ruled themselves. Nevertheless, the family was not able to find any work in surrounding area and they left.

Their next stop was ranch called Hooper. They found work at this place and could barely feed themselves. One night Tom decided to investigate the new place. To his surprise he met Casey who was one of the main agitators of the strikes and the resentment against the landowners. Later Tom and Casey had an argument with some of the authorities of camp. While Casey argued with the authorities he gets killed by one of the deputies. Tom kills this person and hides. At last the Joad’s family were making enough money to eat properly. Tom still wanted by the police hid in the bushes. One day Tom’s little sister fights with another girl and threatened her that she would bring her big brother who killed two people. That night Tom’s mother gave him seven dollars that she had saved, and told him to leave for his own and family’s sake. Tom hugged his mother and promised he would continue Casey’s work of improving the worker’s plight.

Tom Joad is a very complicated individual


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