DPS Vs City Cops Essay Research Paper

DPS Vs. City Cops Essay, Research Paper

Knock!Knock!Tap!Tap!Licens and regerstration please.Where is the emergency son?The speed limit is 55 mph. Not 120Mph.This is a highway not the Autobahn son.This is DPS not the city police.I will let you off with a warning this time I will take you to Jail for criminal driving.

Are all cops like this?Some are and some aren’t.Let’s see if they are.

People get certain kinds of cops mixed upalot.Forinstance when people get pulled over by a DPS officer people call them PIGS but they are not PIGS they are Smokey Bears.But the city cops are the PIGS.The DPS work all over the state and the city works in the city.This is one of many comparisons from the DPS and city police.

A shotgun in it’s dark and black holster waiting to be used in a shoot out.The Despatched radio being used calling for back up.The twisting of the siren makes the cop car noisy.The once to be warm seat is cold from the cool air from the outside.This is the description of the inside of a cop car State and city.Freeze hold right there.You have the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be held against you in the court of law,you have the right to an attorney if you can’t get one you will be appointed one.As the out of breath officer finishes saying that he pulls out his radio and calls dispatch victim appreaheanded.He pulls out his Cold steel handcuffes slaps them on the wrist of the body of criminal.CLICK!CLICK!CLICK!As the handcuffes get tighter and tighter and the cut up hands are loosing it’s color due to the tight cuff’s.The other victim is on the ground with his eyes blood shot red crying”I can’t see I can’t see”.Due to the mase from the other officers gunbelt.The state patrol and city police have the same equipment on there gun belt no matter who they work for.

Here is the ticket mamn for going 120 in a 55.Don’t cry mamn it’s your fault that I pulled you over.Think about it .I’m doing my job and people should understand why we do this.we protect people and we abid by the rules because I don’t want to peel another persons body off the road because someone lost control going to fast.It’s not right for the both of us.why do you think

the state patrol and city are like this.They prevent accidents and protect people.Crying ain’t the answer when getting a ticket.Cry when they are gone.

Cadet why are we at this academy for?”To learn how to drive at high speeds safe,to protect people,to shoot at extreme risks, and to give right code at the right time Sir”.Right this is your Highway patrol Acaamy where you will shoot,drive,and know the codes.

Officer Stay away from those donuts we only have a certain amount sit down and watch this video.

What are we doing her cadet?To watch videos and take some courses here at this airport to become a city cop.Right but we also eat donuts if we are good enough and we will be working.This is why DPS are better trained they goto a Academy for six months and the city police goto the airport for a few weeks.

Jim you are a first yeat rookie with DPS and I’m a captain of City Police and you get paid more than I do why is that?Well John I work for the state and you work for the city.I work all over the state and you work in the city limits.I have to protect the president when he comes into the state and any other famous person that comes to the state and all that you protect is the patrons of the city.So don’t get to mad.My job is better.

Like getting people thrown in jail or just giving people ticket’s state patrol ot city police will do that if the law is broke the state patrolhas many options for the patrons but the city police will have free donuts and coffee every mornig so look at the two kinds of departments and find why people make fun of them.


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