Info On Mother Teresa Essay Research Paper

Info On Mother Teresa Essay, Research Paper


† Her birthname was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu.

† She was born on August 26, 1910 in Skopje, Macedonia.

† Her baptism date was August 27, 1910.

† She was born Catholic.

Early life

† When Agnes was 9, her father died.

† She liked to go to church.

† She went to help the poor when her mother couldn?t.


† Agnes when to state school.

† These were non-Catholic schools.

† Agnes went to the Lyceum (college).

† She sang second voice in their choir.


† Her sister Aga was born in 1904.

† Her brother Lazar was born in 1907.

† Her mother?s name was Drana.

† Her father, Kole died in 1919.

Interesting Facts

† She was a sister in two or three different convents.

† She played the mandolin at an early age.

† She obtained the role of mother when she got the Mother house.

† She was named after a Sister in the town she came from that died at and early age of 29.

Major Works/Accomplishments

† Mother Teresa helped people all over the world.

† She opened houses all over the world in different causes such as homes for women with unwanted pregnancies, abandoned children, people with leprosy, and people with AIDS.

† She fought in the battle against abortion.


† She died on September 7th, 1997.

† She died in the Calcutta house.

† She died at about 9:30 at night according to Indian Time Zones.


† In 1971, she won the Peace Prize of Pope John Paul XXIII, the Prize of the Good Samaritan, and the Kennedy Prize.

† In 1972, she won the Koruna Dut (Angel of Charity) from the President of India.

† In 1973, she won the Templeton Prize.

† In 1974, she won the Mater et Magistra.

† In 1975, she won the Albert Schweitzer International Prize.

† In 1977 and in 1982, She won the Doctor Honoris Causa in Theology.

† In 1979, she won the Nobel Peace Prize.

† In 1996, she won the Honorary Citizen of America.

† She was one of the four people to get this award.

Her Life as a Nun

† In 1928, she joined the Sisters of Our Lady of Loreto.

† She trains in religious life and learns English while living in the abbey in Dublin, Ireland.

† In 1931, she goes to India where she fulfills her dream of becoming a missionary to the poor.

† In 1948, she leaves the Sisters of Loreto and becomes a Sister of the Poor, training in the medical field so she can help the sick.

Timeline (Events on)

† Born (August 26, 1910)

† Father dies (1919)

† Decides to become a nun (1928)

† Left for the Sisters of Our Lady of Loreto (Sept. 25, 1928)

† Left for India (Dec. 1, 1928)

† Reach Calcutta and go to Darjeeling (Early 1929)

† Accepted a novice and sent to Bengali (May 23, 1929)

† Makes final vows (May 24, 1937)

† Inspiration Day (Sept. 10, 1937)

† Left Sisters of Loreto and took vows (August 1948)

† Former student helps Sister Teresa (March 19, 1949)

† Papal visit (Oct. 7, 1950)

† Obtains the Mother house and becomes Mother Teresa (c. 1950)

† Becomes New Superior General (1992)

† Her health begins to fail (1996)

† Another Sister takes her place (March 13, 1997)

† Mother Teresa dies (Sept. 5, 1997)


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