On The Chinese Dynasty Essay Research Paper

On The Chinese Dynasty Essay, Research Paper

Dear Editor,

I am a 16 century trader. I have been to China. I have seen all the things Marco Polo has seen. I know that he was not telling a lie at all. I am very angry that you did not believe him. I am writing to defend him.

There are three Chinese beliefs, which are Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism. All beliefs were taught during the same time. Buddhism was taught during 563 to 483 b.c. Buddha came to China in 200 b.c. He believed that suffering and pain was caused by wealth. Daoism was taught during 606 to530 b.c. It was taught by Laozi. He believed that humans were apart of nature. Confucianism was taught during 551 to 479 b.c. It was taught by Confucius. He believed that you need to focus on your behavior, respect for your parents and peace. These were some just some examples of the beliefs.

There are a lot of Chinese achievements. One of the achievements was the Great Wall. of China. It provided protection for the people. It allowed farmers to live along the border and away from the nomads. But it took over 30,000 people to build it. Another achievement was the currency. Currency is cash and is the most common items used to exchanged for goods. The currency got of things exchanged for itself. Two nicknames for it are paper money and flying money. One last achievement is trade. Trade is one of the most important systems to the Chinese. They traded silk and other things and eventually got a lot of things back. The Chinese got a lot of things back from trade. These are some examples of the trade system.

The Chinese dynasties are really amazing. The Sui Dynasty lasted between 589-618 A.D. Yian Jian conquered the Chen kingdom and unified China. That was the first time in 400 years it was unified. The Tang Dynasty lasted between 618-907 A.D. In 618 Li Shi Min captured Changan and Louy Ang. He made himself Emperor Dai Zong in 626. Song dynasty lasted between 960-1279 AD. Tai Zu emerged after the Civil War. The Song Dynasty was founded at Kaifeng. These were just some of the examples of the dynasties.

I don t believe Marco Polo was lying. The Chinese achievements were absolutely amazing. There was the paper money. That was part of the currency. The Chinese used it to exchange for goods. The belief system was interesting too. All the beliefs were taught at the same time. Buddhism was taught during 563 to 483 B.C. Buddha came to China in 200 B.C. The dynasties were great as well. There was a dynasty called the Sui Dynasty. This was in power during 589-618 A.D. That is how I know Marco Polo was not telling a million lies.


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