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Dear Editor,

Recently while reading the paper, I came across this topic “Do schools place too much importance on sports programs?” Well, being a fellow athlete I understand how some people may think that “star” athletes get special treatment and in some cases they do, but they are given the extra help for a reason. The good athletes are the ones who make the teams win and without them you have a losing team that has no support from the students, faculty, and fans. So, here are a few reasons why I feel it is important that schools should emphasize sports programs.

One reason why schools place much importance on sports is they can get the institute media exposure if the team is winning and doing well. When a team is winning, newspapers will pay lots of attention to them and constantly keep the readers updated on how the team is doing. The better the team does the more coverage they get and the more times the school is mentioned. Sometimes the paper will list players with good G.P.A’s and that makes the school look especially good. In this case both the team and the school receive positive publicity all at the same time.

Another reason schools emphasize athletics is they can bring in mucho dinero. In order for the school to make money they have to have a winning team that puts fans in the stands. The more fans there are at the games, the more likely they are to buy food at the concession stands, buy team memorabilia, and a program. All of these things add up to a very large profit. From the money made at the games, the teams are able to buy better and nicer equipment, eat more nutritious and energizing meal before and after games, and the school itself is able to use some of money to improve the quality and learning experience of the school.

In my opinion, the most important thing a school and its students must have is spirit and pride and a winning team does just that. When a team is winning, especially the football team, the whole school is ecstatic and energetic about the upcoming game. The atmosphere in the school is uplifting and positive for a change and that is the ideal environment for trying to learn. Teachers tend to be in a better mood and students are more cooperative. The best part about when a team is winning is the pep rallies are twice as loud, a lot more exciting, and they actually get the team pumped up and ready to kick some bootey.

So it is apparent that schools need to put importance on sports for lots of reasons. Most of which are for the good of the school and the athletes. If you don’t try to make the teams as good as they can be then you loose fans, press, and most importantly money. In my opinion, if giving a athlete a little extra help will keep him eligible and bring in 2000 fans to the game, than I am all for it.


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