My Chevrolet Pride Essay Research Paper My

My Chevrolet Pride Essay, Research Paper

My Chevrolet Pride

With the turn of a key, my LT1 350 engine fires up with a roar that sends Mustang owners whimpering back to the garage. I own a 1997 Chevrolet Camaro Z28. The 1997 Camaro is the thirtieth anniversary of a long history of Chevrolet heritage that has built muscle cars, like mine, and a lowly three-cylinder Geo metro. My raging machine comes off the factory assembly line with a pavement pounding 285 horsepower. That number alone is impressive, but I have tinkered with my engine and it now has around 400 horsepower. The six speed manual transmission lets me tear through the gears like a madman ripping out of his straight jacket.

As I mentioned earlier, I have done a lot of work to my car, the most important work being “Flowmaster” exhaust. This is a rather inexpensive modification that not only gives the beastly sound, but also increases exhaust flow, thus increasing horsepower. The next thing I did to my Z28 was install a pair of “Hooker” headers, these also help the engine vent off the exhaust. I then put a “K&N” cold air induction kit and changed the mass air sensor. These two things alone made the biggest difference in throttle response and improved my overall torque through the six gears.

On the outside my car is relatively the same as all other Camaro’s with only slight modifications in the cars tint percentage and the fact that I changed the original emblems from black to chrome. I also used some chrome paint to paint the 2 hood vents located on each side of the hood. I am the only person in Morganton, so far, that has his vents painted. Everyone I have talked too says it looks really good and gives the car an even more aggressive look in the front end, so probably in the near future more people will do this and I can say that I set a trend!

Camaro’s are one of the most fun cars I have ever had the pleasure of owning. At any given time I can gear down to second and slam the head of my unsuspecting passengers into the back of their seat. This has caused me to take numerous painful slaps to the chest and arms from my friends and mother. One of the best things to do in my car however is late at night come to an empty parking lot and cut off the lights. After you sit there for a few minutes and make sure everything is clear get back in the car. When you crank the car, turn the wheel, drop the clutch and hold the gas to the floor. This is called a donut. A donut creates somewhat of a g-force and causes you to get dizzy if you do more than one or two at a time. My record is five in a row, which caused me to go to the tire store the next day. When you do a donut its a great feeling because your so out of control, but when you know your car like I know mine it only takes a second to get it back like you want it.


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