Short Story Essay Research Paper She couldn

Short Story Essay, Research Paper

She couldn’t think clearly. Clasping the bloody weapon, Lila decided to head for the bathroom. All the red blood made her dizzy. She dropped the knife into the sink and started to scrub the blood off of it. After drying it with a towel, she placed it back in her left shoe. She walked casually back into the bedroom greeting a friend on her way. Closing and locking the door behind her, Lila knew she had to hide the body as soon as possible. It was already nine and the party would be over soon. Before touching the body she went over to the window to close the blinds. She noticed that the snow had accrued on the windowsill. The snow was falling fast which means it would be harder for her to get a ride home. Lila scanned the room looking for a covert suited for the body. She noticed a small closet by the bed. It was a small empty compartment with a large antediluvian trunk. Perfect, Lila thought. She opened the trunk and found it to be empty. Grabbing the body by the ankles, she quickly dragged it toward the closet. She carried it easily and dropped it in the trunk with a thump. It was a perfect fit. “I’m sorry Liz, you just had to go,” she whispered with a smile. She closed the trunk and pushed it all the way into the farthest part of the closet. Lila locked the bedroom door from the inside before leaving. Then after putting on her yellow duck costume, she went back down and joined the Halloween party. It was now in bedlam. The music was loud; everyone in their motley of different costumes was drunk. No one even knew she was gone for an hour. She blended right in and danced with the crowd.”Good bye Lila, did you have fun?” Jane, the hostess of the party, asked. “I sure did, can’t wait for next year’s party,” Lila replied smiling brightly. “Do you have a ride home? I can take you home if you want, but we’ll have to wait for everyone to leave first.”

“No thanks, Pamela already agreed to drive me. See you Monday.” Lila gave Jane a short hug and headed towards Pamela’s car. She stared at Jane’s huge mansion. They’ll never find that body. No one will ever look at that closet in that guest bedroom. If they ever find the body, they’ll never suspect me, an A-student, perfect report card, teacher’s pet . I’m pretty sure I got rid of all my fingerprints, all the evidence. “Lila, are you coming?” Pamela shouted. “I’ll be right there,” Lila answered.”You know who I really hate? Liz,” Pamela said keeping her eye on the road. Lila found her chance and quickly turned on her hidden tape recorder. “She is just too perfect- rich parents, best athlete, plays the piano, honor student what isn’t she good in? And now she’s applying for that huge scholarship program where they only choose one student. Gee, I wonder who’s going to get picked,” Pamela continued.”You could get picked, you’re pretty perfect yourself. Did you apply for that scholarship program too?” Lila asked making sure she turned off the tape recorder whenever she spoke.”Of course I did, but with Liz applying, I have no chance. If only Liz didn’t exist it’d just be you and me. The three of us are the top students in our school. Think of all the possibilities if she were gone. One of us could be the valedictorian instead of her.”"True, don t you just wish she were gone? Well, here we are. Thanks for the ride, I owe you one.” Lila waved good bye to Pamela and jogged carefully toward her house making sure she wouldn’t slip on the icy snow.The next day, Liz’s disappearance was all over the newspaper. Lila placed the recording of Pamela in a brown envelope addressed to the police without her return address and dropped it in the post office.


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