Population Essay Research Paper Brandon CoxPopulation FactsSome

Population Essay, Research Paper

Brandon Cox

Population Facts

Some of the worlds problems are all over the world. One is in Los Angles it

is sent in the desert and the water has to be pumped in from the Colorado River and

dried up a large lake that only a certain kind of wheat grew.

In Ghana, West Africa the problems it faces are extreme high mortality rate.

The migrant people celebrate when a family has l0 children half of population is

under l6.

Bangladesh is a prime example of over population it is the most densely

populated country in the world in the l60 million people in a place the size of


Mexico City is the largest capital in the world. l0% of energy in Mexico goes

to getting water to Mexico City. Breathing the air for one day is the same thing as

smoking a pack of cigarettes. That is how bad the air is.

Chattanooga once the smog there was as bad as the smog in L.A. The smog

was from the coal power plants. In response they built a downtown park system

with trees and the centerpiece of it is the worlds largest freshwater aquarium.

The problems in Los Angles are the immigrant population will soon out

number the American population. Once the scowls were top of the line but now they

are overcrowded old and rundown.

Ghana West Africa, some of the problems in Ghana are that the mortality rate

is extremely high and having many children is considered good. The families with l0

children over 7 years old are celebrated and thought very high of in the village.

The main problem in Bangladesh is l60 million people living in an area the the

of Wisconsin. Where that many people are living in such a small area there are will

be problems.

Mexico?s problem is that the people in the countries come to Mexico City in

hope of a better life. Half of population is under l8 people dig through garbage and

trash daily.

The problems facing Chattanooga are smog from the coal power plants they soon

realized that what they were doing reacted and cleaned up the city.

In the Los Angles the illegal immigrants are over crowding the schools the

should check green cards and people without them should be sent home. Here is one

thing I don?t agree with, I a husband and wife come into the United States from

Mexico illegally and the wife has a baby in the U.S. then the baby is a citizen ,this is

not right. parents should be U.S. citizens but there is not much you can do about

this it is in the United States Constitution and it would be hard to change.

Ghana the birth rate is tremendous and half of the population is under l5. One

way to solve the problem. One way to solve the problem I know is for the U.S. to

cut all aid to that country let the people see that they are going to do something for

themselves and not rely on other countries for support.

Bangladesh is faced with the same problem Ghana, girls l5 years of age

already have 2 children.Some people are trying to control births and educate the

women not to have as many children.

In Mexico City they waste too much energy getting water to the capital and

the trash problems are bad they need to rethink their political system and try to more

money to help with the problems within Mexico.

Chattanooga right now doesn?t have any problems right now. They cleaned

up their act by getting rid of the coal plants and promotes the green leaf project and

works with the mountains and are saving 300 acres from being destroyed for



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