CHAMP Kong Ver Essay Research Paper

СОДЕРЖАНИЕ: CHAMP Kong, Ver. Essay, Research Paper *************************************************************************** * CHAMP Kong, ver. 1.11 *

CHAMP Kong, Ver. Essay, Research Paper


* CHAMP Kong, ver. 1.11 *

* Copyright 1996 CHAMProgramming *

* 11/13/96 *





CHAMProgramming is proud to present our latest work, CHAMP Kong!!! The

game features superb graphics, sound, and top-notch game play that makes

you feel like you’re in an arcade! A completely re-designed user interface

is now easier and more powerful than before. A complete remake of the look

(Thanks Dan!) and feel has created a truly enjoyable game.

We hope you enjoy the results.




CHAMP Kong is a result of almost 9 months of hard work. The following people

have had significant contributions to the making of this game:

John Champeau – Game Design, Programming & Sound.

Dan Van Buskirk – Game Design, Graphics and the CHAMP Sidebar.

Paul Champeau – Game Design and Testing. Also the creator of CHAMP Cable!

Special thanks to Christina Jackson for getting this project off the ground

to begin with and seeing it through to it’s completion. Thanks Bunnie!




This is the shareware version of CHAMP Kong. It can be freely distributed

to any other BBS or online service. It cannot be sold for profit either

individually or as part of a bundle. Though every effort has been made to

ensure that CHAMP Kong will operate with any PC that meets the requirements

specified, CHAMProgramming is not responsible for anything that may occur

as a result of the use of this program.




To register your copy of CHAMP Kong, send a check or money order for $17.95

plus $2.00 shipping to:


34-3 Shunpike Road

Cromwell, CT 06416

You may print out the text file ORDER.FRM, or select ‘P’ from the ending

text screen when exiting the game.




CHAMP Kong requires the following to run:

* 386/25Mhz or better IBM PC or 100% Compatible

* DOS ver. 3.1 or better

* VGA Graphics

* 450K of free conventional memory

CHAMP Kong also supports the following:

* 1 or 2 analog joysticks

* Soundblaster card or compatible

* Microsoft compatible mouse

* Digital joystick using CHAMP Cable(tm)

The following configuration is recommended to play CHAMP Kong:

* 486/33

* Soundblaster 16

* VESA compatible VGA card

* 550K of free conventional memory

* Digital joystick using CHAMP Cable(tm)




The following are the files CHAMP Kong needs to run. CHAMP Kong will NOT

run unless these three files are found:

* CKONG.EXE – This is the program.

* CKONG.BIN – Contains necessary graphics and sounds.

* CKONGSW.HLP – Contains on-line help for CHAMP Kong

The following files are created after running CHAMP Kong:

* CKONG.CFG – Configuration file.

* CKONG.HOF – Top ten hall of fame.

* JOYSTICK.CFG – Joystick calibration values.

To run CHAMP Kong, switch to the directory where you have copied the program

and type ‘ckong’ and press ENTER. If you have trouble running CHAMP Kong,

see the Troubleshooting section.

Once the program loads, you will see the CHAMP Intro screen. Next, the

CHAMP Kong title screen will be shown:

* START GAME (1P/2P): Press ENTER to play the game; use the arrow keys to

change between 1 and 2 players.

* OPTIONS: Choose this to view the many options available for CHAMP Kong.

* EXIT GAME: Choose this to exit CHAMP Kong.

NOTE: You can press F1 at any time to get context-sensitive help.

WINDOWS USERS: CHAMP Kong will run under Windows 3.1x, Windows 95, and OS/2.

A file called CKONG.ICO has been included if you wish to make an icon to run

it directly from these operating systems. Please consult your Windows

manuals for help setting up program items.




The object of CHAMP Kong is to save your girlfriend from the love sick ape

named Kong! You must run, jump and climb up a dangerous construction site

to reunite with the girl while avoiding barrels and fireballs. Once you

reach the top, Kong will grab the girl and bring her to a higher level.

The Rivet Level

In this level, you must remove 8 rivets to make Kong fall and bonk his head

by jumping or walking over them. Be careful not to fall through the holes

once the rivets are gone.

During the game, you can press any of the following keys:

* F1 – Brings up the help screen.

* F5 – Brings up the Controller options.

* F6 – Brings up the Sound options.

* F9 – Toggles the sound on and off.

* F10 – Resets the game.

* F12 – Pauses the game. Press the spacebar or tap a button to resume.

* Esc – Brings up the Options menu. Press ESC to resume the game.




The following switches are used from the command line to disable certain

auto-detection features of CHAMP Kong if you are experiencing problems

running the program:

-s : Disable the auto detection of the sound card.

-j : Disable any analog joysticks that are being used.

-d : Disable any digital joysticks that are being used.

-m : Mute all sounds.

-3 : Disable the auto-detection of a 386. Use this ONLY if you have a

386 PC or better!

For example: To disable the sound card detection, you would type:

ckong -s

Sound Card problems

You must have a 100% compatible Soundblaster card. To manually configure your

sound card, choose Configure Sound Card in the Sound menu (from the Options

menu). You will be prompted for the PORT, IRQ, and DMA of your sound card.

Please consult your user’s manual of your sound card for these values. You

can always select Auto Detect and let the program try to determine the values,

though this may lock up your computer.

If you continue to experience problems, please Email CHAMProgramming’s

technical support at:

Also, other technical support is available at the CHAMProgramming web site,

located at:




Play our games the way they were meant to be played!

What is CHAMP Cable? CHAMP Cable is a 3-foot cable that allows you to plug

a standard 9-pin digital joystick (from the Atari 2600) into a parallel

printer port and play all CHAMP Games!!!

* Digital response -* faster response than analog


* Works on LPT1, LPT2 and LPT3

* Supports joysticks from the Atari 2600/7800/400/800/1200/130xe,

Commodore 64/128, and Colecovision. Also supports digital Wico joysticks.

* Lifetime warranty!!

Where can I get those old joysticks?

* Your attic

* Your cellar

* Your friend’s attic or cellar

* Garage and yard sales

* For-sale sections of magazines

To order your CHAMP Cable, send a check or money order for $17.95 plus

$2.00 shipping to:


34-3 Shunpike Road

Cromwell, CT 06416

Please allow 2 weeks for shipping. Joysticks not included.




CHAMProgramming is currently working on or has released the following games:

* CHAMP Kong

* CHAMP Ms. Pac-em

* CHAMP Pac-em

* CHAMP Galaxia

* CHAMP Centipede

* CHAMP Asteroids

* CHAMP Galagon

* CHAMP Frog-em

* CHAMP Invaders

* CHAMP Burger Chef

For more information on these games, please visit our web site at:

If you have any comments or any suggestions for future CHAMP games, feel free

to contact us at:



* Copyright 1996


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