Go Napster Essay Research Paper Shawn Fanning

Go Napster Essay, Research Paper

Shawn Fanning, a freshman in college, launched Napster in the beginning of 1999.Napster allows Internet users to share and download MP3 (music) files directly from any computer connected to the Napster network, which could be hundreds of thousands of people.You can use Napster by downloading the software from the Internet site, and then connecting to the network using this software, which allows the sharing of all your MP3 files with anyone else on the network.Unlike many other file sharing networks, Napster limits their users to only download MP3 files.The advantage of these files are that they can be very close to CD quality and are one-tenth the size of a wave file.This is the main reason that many artists and record labels are concerned with the MP3 file format and programs like Napster that makes it very easy to share copyrighted material.The fact that Napster is free and more convenient than going to the store makes it an appealing way to get music for consumers.The problem that record companies have is that there is no way of regulating who has access to this information, which means they have no way of making any profit.Since people can now download free music, and artists can release their music themselves, it gives record companies another reason to get worried because internet companies similar to Napster could lead to the end of groups like The Recording Industry Association of America. Napster has become most popular among college students.On most college campuses students have all their computers networked together.This allows them to download music with relative ease.Because the students are all on the same network songs can download much faster then if they were on a regular dial up modem.This has made music industry representatives very angry.The majority of their business is generated in the 16-25 age group.If most of this age group is in college it will severely decrease their record sales. The music industry s response to Napster is similar to the response to the introduction of cassette tapes and VCR s.Both of these allowed people to record and copy, copyrighted information and at the time these were threats to the industries.My opinion is that, time has proven that copied tapes are no substitute for professional recordings.The same goes for Napster, because people can download as many songs as they want, but the songs will never compare to the quality that someone gets if they buy the professionally made album.Furthermore, it s impossible to find an entire album of music on Napster.You would have to find each song individually, and when you had those songs you would have to burn them on a CD if you wanted to here them some place besides your computer.To burn a CD you need a CD burner which could be very expensive, so most people wouldn t even bother going through all of that, because it would be so much easier to just go to the store and buy the CD, which is going to be a better quality CD. Several lawsuits have already been brought against Napster.The heavy metal band Metallica brought on the first of these.In April of two thousand they sued Napster for copyright infringement.The case was settled out of court when Napster, banned three hundred thousand users who had allegedly downloaded Metallica songs.Napster was again sued in June by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).They alleged that Napster was allowing the illegal downloading and distribution of copyrighted material.After a few appeals the case is still in court and a decision is expected very soon.The outcome of this case could very damaging to either side of the argument. Probably the smartest and most realistic thing that has been suggested is that Napster pays royalties to the artists when their songs are downloaded, similar to the way that the radio pays artists when their songs are played.Another solution is that Napster could work with the music industry to distribute certain sample tracks to the public.These tracks could be distributed royalty-free as promotion for the album, or Napster could even pay the royalties.The move of Napster paying royalties to the artists whose songs are downloaded, I believe would be a positive move because then the artists would get their fair share for their work. The only problem with that move would be the amount of money that Napster would have to pay out.Napster would either have to turn into a paid subscription service or show advertisements.Personally I think that it would be a very good idea to show advertisements on their homepage.With all the people out there trying to download Napster, I think it would be a very profitable idea.The option of a cooperative effort with the music industry has the advantage of being totally legal and stopping all conflicts between Napster and The Recording Industry Association of America.The only problem with this move is that it would mean that the number of songs available on Napster would be greatly reduced and it would also eliminate the sharing part of the whole thing. I believe that Napster is a very useful tool.It may be a vision of what is to come.Despite its usefulness and extreme popularity, in its current state it may be hard to stay legal.Napster has to find some way to compensate the artists whose music is downloaded using their software.Although it may cost Napster a significant amount of money to implement such a system, it may be the only way that the company can stay in business.Such a system would keep them safe from future lawsuits.This might encourage more artists to embrace the on-line community.Napster could relieve some of the profit loss of paying these artists by showing all types of advertising on its website and software.It could also find a way to work with the artists themselves in a way that would mutually benefit both parties.This may be the only way for Napster to continue. 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