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Could It Happen Essay, Research Paper

Could It Happen Martin Luther King s speech, I Have a Dream, is regarded as on of the most important and influential speeches ever. It caused people to see the injustices of society in the 1960 s. I Have a Dream also caused everyone to think about a better world, where everyone is equal. King s speech brought about an idea of a perfect world to millions of people. In order to have a perfect world, almost everything would have to be changed. Life as it has always been known would cease to exist. The environment and economic systems would have to be altered for a perfect world. Things like war, crime, and prejudice could not exist in a perfect world. The most drastic and unlikely change that would have to occur would be the elimination of war. War is a part of human existence, and it has always been so. War is simply fighting between two or more parties. It can be as small as two individual people or as big as every country in the world. Size does not matter; fighting is war. People fight because of fear and to gain something that they need. Fear causes fighting because people want to show they are superior to others. The Vietnam conflict is an example of fear causing war. The United States went to war to stop the spread of communism, and to show that the United States was the most powerful country in the world. Sometimes, countries invade other countries to get things that they lack. One country that is low on oil would invade another country that has too much oil in order to gain that resource. War causes people to die and to get hurt. In a perfect world, people would not die senseless deaths or feel senseless pain. War does not just affect the people fighting; it affects everyone. Fighting could easily be solved with good communication and aid between parties. If a country is low on oil another country that has too much could give it away; and no one, whether it be a country or an individual, needs to show that they are superior.Crime is another problem that would be very complicated to fix. Crime causes people to fear and to not trust. Theft is the best example of showing how crime affects the people of the world. Everyone wants more than they can have. It is human nature to want stuff other people have; however, some people act on their wants and physically take what they want. To get rid of crime, the people of the world just need to have morals. In a perfect world, crime could not exist because people have to trust everyone else, and they can not be afraid of living life. Most people in today s society are afraid of living life because of crime and war. Crime and war cause people to be afraid of losing the things that they hold important to themselves, and most people would do absolutely anything to protect and keep what is theirs.Prejudices are a broad category that is the very soul of negativity and separation of society s citizens. People discriminate others because of age, sex, race, religion, and other such things. Age discrimination occurs all the time. People can be too young to smoke or drink alcohol. They can also be too old to work or drive. All society needs to do to fix age discrimination is to treat everyone as a person. The same goes for sex and race. Someone can be a black female or a white male, and they can be discriminated because of their race or sex. No matter what, a person is a person whether or not that person is a black woman or a white male. Sex and race does not have anything to do with the mind and soul of people. In order for the world to become the perfect social utopia, everyone has to become seen for what is inside instead of what is outside.

The perfect world will not be perfect unless the environment is in healthy a condition. Pollution is killing the very thing that gives all of use life. People all over the world pollute. A company, for example, will dump toxic chemicals into streams and other natural places instead of properly disposing the chemicals to save money. They see money as more important than the well being of earth. It is sad when greed takes over common sense. All that needs to be done to save the earth is to spend a little more money and to have a sense of responsibility for the environment. With the way the world is today, economic factors play a key role in the lives of all people. Money is the entire basis for life. People work so they can earn money to buy things. Some people spend their entire life working dead end jobs that just barely earn enough money to survive. This is a horrible aspect of society. Money divides all the citizens of the world. If someone has a lot of money they want more; and if someone does not have any money they want it. The world would be perfect if people just received what they need and do their jobs to better improve society. The Marxist form of government would create the perfect economical utopia where everyone are equals. Marxism has been attempted but has not worked in the past. It has been tried by the former Soviet Union and by other communist countries. Corrupt members of the government caused Marxism s failure. The economic system is one of the main causes for the fall of the perfect world just because life is based on working for money instead of doing what makes people happy. The only thing that could be done to improve the economic system would be to adopt a form of Marxism.A perfect world is only in the eyes of the dreamer. I described my world but someone else may have a different world in mind. My perfect world will most likely never be achieved because people are unable to change, and not everyone can agree on what the perfect utopia is or how to get it. It is better to leave the world the way it is and try to improve it a little bit instead of trying to create the perfect one and failing, which would result in a worse world than ever. So far, the perfect world has been attempted several times and each time it has failed. The most accurate resource to look at when determining the chances of trying to create a perfect world is the book A Brave New World. In the book, a perfect world was thought of having been created but it was actually far from it. Since it is so difficult to create the perfect world, maybe just the present one should be improved. The only thing that needs to happen to make the world a better place is stronger moral values. The people of the world would be a lot happier if they just did the right thing. There would be a lot less discrimination, crime, and other problems in society.A perfect world can never be created but the present one could easily be improved. Martin Luther King s speech, I Have a Dream, did create thoughts of a perfect world but it was said to get everyone to make the present world better. Now ask yourself, Can I make the world a better place? The answer is yes. It all starts one person at a time.


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