Wwii Essay Research Paper World War IIIt

Wwii Essay, Research Paper

World War II

It is important that people of all ages learn about World War II. This is a war that not only

killed the most soldiers in any war ever fought, but also changed the U.S. economically. The U.S.

was just getting over the Great Depression and were planning to stay neutral in all international

affairs. But the involvement in World War II brought the U.S. together as a nation. Both race

and gender in the workforce became equal and jobs became vast. Many young men and women

risked their lives to fight for this great country. Those that survived the war were honored for their

courage and bravery, yet others were not as lucky to make it through the war, but were also

honored. A day known as Veteran’s Day is celebrated every year on November 11th to honor those

who bravely fought in this devastating war. The more people know about World War II, the more

they get an inside look at what their grandparents went through during these rough times and that’s

important to know. The history of your family’s past. As I researched this topic, I found many helpful articles. For example, at

www.nara.gov/exhall/people/people.html, I found out everything, from what happened before the

war, what happened during the war, and how it ended. It stated: Fifty-six years have passed since

World War II, the greatest and most destructive war in history, occurred. It lasted from 1939-1945

and an estimated 25 million soldiers, both enemies and allies, were killed. By far the most

threatening event and cause of the war was the emergence of Hitler in Germany. He believed that

Germany should expand in order to bring within it all Europeans of German nationality. Another

dictator who caused tension in Europe was Mussolini. With success, he conquered Ethiopia and

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made it an Italian economic colony. Japan also attempted to expand itself and conquer what they

could in Asia . France and Great Britain did what they could to keep the peace with Germany but

were unsuccessful.

On Sept.1,1939, Hitler’s invasion on Poland caused England and France to declare war on

Germany. On Sept.3,1939. Because of Hitler’s hatred for the Jews, six million were exterminated

in their homeland of Poland. Hitler also attempted to conquer Russia but failed because of the harsh

weather. His army could not overcome it. Although Hitler he not conquer Russia, he succeeded in

conquering many other countries such as the Czech. Republic and Austria. He was becoming a very

fearful tyrant who was unstoppable.

On Sept.5,1939, president Franklin D. Roosevelt declared neutrality. The U.S. did not want

to become involved in international affairs. One major event that lead the U.S. to get involved in the

war was the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. The Japanese, under the leadership of Yamamoto, had

a vast Southern Operation to attack Pearl Harbor, the East Indies, Malay, the Phillippines, Guam,

and Malaya. Germany, Italy, and Japan were all axis countries that were fighting against the allies

in Europe. The U.S. and great Britain, under the leadership of Winston Churchill, declared war on

Japan on Dec.8. Germany and Italy then declared war on the U.S. on Dec.11.

The U.S. now had to prepare itself for war. Going into war affected the U.S. in many ways.

Family life changed immensely. Many women began to work while many other young men and

women enlisted in the army. Job opportunities became vast. The qualifications because of race and

gender changed. This brought peole together because they worked equally. Although women were

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not allowed to participate in battle, they did served in the so-called “noncombat” missions. Thses

missions often proved to be very dangerous. Women who enlisted knew what htey were getting into,

but were still willing to fight for their country.

World War II dragged on until the spring of 1945. American forces continued to push the

German Army eastward. It was only a matter of time before they made contact with the Russian

army. The first meeting took place near the town of Strehla on April 25,1945. On April 30,1945,

Hitler knew he had been defeated and committed suicide. On May 7, Germany unconditionally

surrendered and signed the surrender terms in Berlin, Germany.

The creation of the atomic bomb caused many issues to be brought up on whether or not to

use this as a weapon on enemies of the U.S. Scientists of the Manhattan Project had been working

anxiously throughout the war to develop the atomic bomb before the Germans did. The new weapon

was first tested on the ground in the deserts of New Mexico. No one knew if this bomb could be

dropped from an aircraft without endangering the lives of the crew.

The unit selected for this dangerous mission was the 509th Composite Group commanded by

Colonel Paul W. Tibbets. He flew the first atomic bomb mission to Hiroshima on August 6,1945.

A second bomb was dropped on Nagasaki on August 9,1945. Within a week, Japan sued for peace.

The Japanese government announced their willingness to surrender within a week of the dropping

of the two atomic bombs. This was another joyous victory for the U.S. The soldiers who were

involved and had survived this dreadful war were now able to go back to their families back home.

See how important it is to know about the events that occurred during World War II. People

get to know what their grandparents lived through and how it affected them and their families.

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They get an insight on both a personal and educational level. There are countless veterans that would

rather not talk about painful memories of those years when they fought in World War II. Although

there are many that would be more than happy to share their experiences with their grandchildren.

World war II is a part of our history that will never be forgotten. We can’t bring back the lives that

were lost, but because of them and those that survived, we came together as one and worked together

to win this harsh war. In my opinion, war is something that can be prevented. By resolving problems

in a logical manner before they get out of hand is one of many ways to prevent war from happening.

We live in a world where people think that war is the only way to resolve major issues and problems.

We’ve got a long way to go to truly achieve peace in this world.


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