All Rise Essay Research Paper Judge Watson

All Rise Essay, Research Paper

Judge Watson scanned his courtroom with an eagle-like glare. The room was packed, Watson

could smell the eager reporters outside. Damore versus State of Alabama was the biggest case his Honor

had heard in years, God he needed a drink. Judge Watson blinked a long, tired blink, and swallowed hard

in a vain attempt to soothe his bone dry throat. The old man called out in a loud voice, ?prosecution!?

Billy Parker stood deliberately and strutted to his podium. The DA unbuttoned his two thousand

dollar Armenagildo Zenga suit coat, and began. ?Let me share with you all the sad story of a sweet,

defenseless woman named Porphyria. It was a rainy dark night, and Porphyria desperately ached to see her

lover. She trekked through the woods, braving the pneumonic weather, to the small cottage owned by one,

Mort Damore. Porphyria entered the cottage dripping wet. Carefully she tended to the fire, so her lover

wouldn?t catch cold. Porphyria laid by Mr. Damore, wanting so badly to act out her love for him. Softly

she whispered his name, but Mr. Damore was busy faking sleep, concealing his murderous plan for now.

Sweet Porphyria uttered ?I love you? quietly to her love. Mr. Damore listened to this praise for a short

while, but quickly grew impatient-the beast yearned to kill. Mr. Damore debated on which weapon to use.

The Colt .45 lay loaded under his bed, but guns are loud!

and messy.


Then Porphyria?s creamy, innocent neck and long hair caught Mr. Damore?s attention.

Yes!, he thought, strangulation is much more thrilling than pulling a little old trigger. Brutally Mr. Damore

grabbed Porphyria and began to cut off her air supply. Porphyria gasped for air, but moments later the

beautiful body was lifeless. However, the abuse did not end with Porphyria?s death. Mr. Damore decided

the fun had ended too quickly, and maliciously proceeded to sexually abuse the corpse.

This, your Honor, is the exact description of the premeditated, heinous murder committed by the

defendant, Mort Damore. Mr. Damore waited for his beautiful love to visit, then faked sleep to lure

Porphyria into his murderous trap. When the opportunity arose, Mr. Damore strangled Porphyria to death.

After the slaughter, there was no guilt or remorse from Damore. God no! In fact, Mr. Damore sexually

abused Porphyria, then opened her eyes and laid by the victim throughout the night. This animal is not

even fit for a jail cell. Your honor, there is no option but to sentence Mr. Damore to death by


Judge Watson nodded, and turned to Troy Broussard. ?Defense!?

Troy Broussard remained seated, leaned back in his chair, and propped his feet upon the desk.

?Well well?, he said in a high pitched voice, ?I really must applaud Mr. Parker for his wonderful story.

The only problem with it, is that it is a fictions story. Here is the truth. On that rainy night, Porphyria fled

from her husband to visit Mr.


Damore. In fact, she was downright in a hurry to reach the cottage, she couldn?t wait to commit adultery.

Barging into Mr. Damore?s domicile, Porphyria wasted no time in going after what she wanted, purely

physical sex. The harlot undressed and tried to wake Mr. Damore, who was frozen with guilt and

uncertainty. My client had been trying to dissolve the relationship since he first learned of Porphyria?s

husband, but the slut would not leave him alone. Porphyria frequently popped into Mr. Damore?s life to

use him, then run back home to her husband. Determined to end the sick relationship that rainy night, Mr.

Damore faked sleep so Porphyria might leave. But no, the adulteress persisted. She whispered the usual

lies, ?I will get a divorce, Mort, but now isn?t the time. I love you, please trust me.? Mr. Damore looked

into Porphyria?s truth telling eyes, and deceit stared back at him. Mr. Damore debated how to react. His

heart raced, he felt cheap and used, he felt hat!

e. In a rage Mr. Damore painlessly strangled Porphyria out of love. In a fit of psychotic distress, Mr.

Damore kissed Porphyria, a sign of his forgiveness. Then, like a cat who has accidentally killed a playful

mouse, Mr. Damore, in total bewilderment, tried to bring her back to life. He laid with her the entire night.

Mort Damore did not premeditate the murder, it was completely accidental. Induced by the pain

of being lied to, used, and cheated on, Mr. Damore slipped into a period of insanity. My client?s actions do

not warrant the death penalty. Although


absolutely unjustifiable, Mr. Damore?s actions are at worst still understandable. I ask you to place yourself

in Mr. Damore?s position, try to imagine the torture. These are the facts of the case, and if there is any

justice in the world, Mort Damore will spend the rest of his life in rehabilitation. Thank you.?

Two hours and forty-three minutes later, the honorable Judge Watson limped out from his

chambers and drooped into his massive, black leather chair. The attorneys and Mort quickly rose. ?Mr.

Damore, you strike me as an overly emotional man, probably unstable. Your actions were wrong, you

know this, we all know this. However, I sense sincere regret. I don?t perceive you as an animal, but as a

mentally sick man. You need help, Mr. Damore, not death. For the murder of Porphyria, you have been

found guilty, and are sentenced to two life imprisonment?s to be carried out back to back, without bail.?

Mort Damore wore a melancholy amazed expression, but laughed to himself as he was cuffed and

escorted out of the chaotic courtroom. He wondered to himself, ?What are the odds of beating the system



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