Ecclesia Francorum Essay Research Paper Mid 8th

Ecclesia Francorum Essay, Research Paper

Mid 8th century renewal and consolidation of

church institutions ? Christian norms into secular politics, especially in the

actions of rulers.? Bishops and abbots

with large land acted as a force for cohesion and integration 794 ? 829 high summer of Carolingian church reform,

aims:? intensification Christian

practice, greater uniformity, preservation purity of the church.? Formulation virtual Christian code ?

educated priests to teach bible properl and to administer the code ? higher

education necessary, in this way the Carolingian renaissance can be seen as a

by product of central aim. Kings and churchmen aid the spread of text in new

Carolingian script (minuscule). Carolingians assumption of Kingship from Popes, in return

protected them from enemies ? 754 intervene in Lombardy to get regime better

disposed toward papacy, failed and took Kingdom in 774 ? Charlemagne?s

coronation shows how Carolingians taking on role of the Emperor as protectors

of Popes. Court and church art part of production of magic and

holiness, creation magical Christianity needed to compete with paganism.? Thus proliferation of relics, especially in

areas new to Christianiy, shrines centres of magic and power. Chruchmen and magic sanctioned the existing social and

economic order ? wealthy and powerful, poor and dependent- duty of slaves to

obey masters, but not oppression ? miracles of saints directed against

disobedient and oppressive. Role of monasteries: possible for Christians to practise

virtues difficult to sustain ? poverty, chastity, humility ? provide personnel

for the work of the church, comparative stability and permanence good bases for

colonization Mid 8th century onward ? more monasteries under

state control ? looked for immunity and from Louis the Pious? time meant King

becoming the owner ? increasing Royal interest in monastic way of life ?

interest meant burdens: monasteries provide troops or annual gifts to the King,

church wealth used for more public functions, hospitality, hospitals etc ? flow

of wealth to benfices away from the church, appointment to bisoprics and

monasteries important part of patronage Wealth of the Carolingian church

sign of and precondition of its succss ? tied churchmen to the world in

ways not fitting their role, important consequences.


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