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My Prized Posession Essay Research Paper What

My Prized Posession Essay, Research Paper

What is a prized possession? Some people might tell you it is something that a person holds dear to them. This is true, but a prized possession is much more than that. It is something that is a part of you, and if it is missing, you are not complete. Such is true with my prized possession, which I could not bear to live without. The beauty of my possession is unparalleled. Its silver color gives it a mystical and stealthy appearance in the twilight. The magnesium alloy feet provide strength through hard cornering and acceleration. The huge eleven-inch ventilated rotors give my possession raw unadulterated stopping power. The shoes on my possession are made of a highly adhesive carbon based compound which aids in both cornering and stopping. The glossy black appearance also contributes to the wonderful aesthetics of my possession. Although it has its origins in the orient, the headlights give the impression that is was born in Bavaria. A trio of precious rocks is the birthmark of my possession. My possessions birth name comes from the French word for diamond. The tinted windows prevent envious onlookers from glancing in at the exquisite interior that could only be compared to the Palace at Versailles. Supple brown leather encompasses the cabin and provides the occupants with pure extravagance. The climate control keeps the occupants comfortable so that they might enjoy their surroundings. Power windows allow the inhabitants to enjoy the fresh breeze without having to do meager peasant work such as rolling the windows down manually. The stereo system is of the highest quality. It provides rich, deep bass that rattles your insides when the speakers hit. What makes this system so amazing is how it mixes the low bass with the high treble to produce a harmonious intonation. As an added bonus, the graphic equalizer allows me to customize the sound according to my preferences.

The powerplant of this beast is a masterpiece in itself. So serene and tranquil when asleep, but when this evil monster is awoken, high voltage sparks ignite the fire deep within its core. The creature s circulatory system pumps the lubricating life fluid throughout the savage s body. The respiratory system of this ferocious animal consists of pure adrenaline being pumped in and converted into noxious fumes, which are carried by a series of metal pipes and out a dual opening. The sound that this animal makes could put apprehension into the heart of a lion. A low growling sound is bellowed when the animal is at peace, but when it is angered, the hellish shriek emitted is loud enough to shatter glass. The tremendous amount of torque that is created is enough to pull a tree stump out of frozen tundra. The only word to truly describe this experience is nirvana. Not everyone has a prized possession. The people who do certainly know the joy it can bring to one s life. If you do not have a prized possession and want one, pick something that is yours and yours alone. Something that no one else can have or that no one else can understand. Then and only then will you have something that you can truly be proud of.