My Dying Porphyria Essay Research Paper Robert

My Dying Porphyria Essay, Research Paper

Robert Browning paints a grim picture, for his reader in the poem, Porphyria s Lover. Porphyria s lover is a killer, who ultimately destroys the love of Porphyria. His actions are murderous, and his conscience is free of sinful guilt.

This poem is about two lovers. Porphyria comes to her lover through a storm and enters his chambers with a loving heart and open arms. However, the meeting between the two people does not end in harmony, but in murder. The first six lines of Porphyria s Lover illustrate the weather Porphyria battles to reach her lover.

The rain set early in to-night, the sullen wind was soon awake. It tore the elm-tops down for spite, and did its worst to vex the lake; I listened with heart fit to break. When glided in Porphyria, straight.

This is an ironic passage, because it is normally the man s fight to go to a woman s house or home.

Another example of dramatic irony is shown by Porphyria s actions. She is the aggressor of the relationship. Porphyria begins all the seductive action; she leads herself to become submissive, by her greedy and murderous lover.

she rose, and from her form, withdrew the dripping cloak and shaw

and, last, she sat sown by my side she put my arm about her waist, and

made her yellow hair displaced

These are examples of how Porphyria threw herself at her lover. Porphyria spoke to her lover with languid motion, rather than using words. Only her actions are present in this poem, as well as, her body. Porphyria is only an object in this poem, and her lover is the main focus.

The poem, Porphyria s Lover takes a twist at line thirty-two.

Happy and proud; at last I knew, Porphyria worshipped me. Surprise

make my heart swell, and still it grew; while I debated what to do.

This is the time when Porphyria s lover realized that he could not let Porphyria go away. He had to keep her all to himself. Simply wanting to hold the image of Porphyria heart, love, and devotion forever. In a moment, Porphyria s lover decides to kill Porphyria. This is his way of immortalizing her forever. Porphyria lover strangles her with her own hair. The hair is a symbol of Porphyria s beauty and sensuality. Again, it is ironic that it is her beauty, which is used against Porphyria.

In one long yellow string I wound; three times her little throat

around, and strangled her.

After killing Porphyria, the lover speaks to the reader is a dramatic Monologue. He speaks about opening Porphyria s eyelids and how she felt no pain. He even goes so far as to kiss her and hold her lifeless head upon his shoulder. It is clear to me that Porphyria s lover is psychopathic. These direct statements by Porphyria s lover help me establish his identity. The lover s tone equally displays his attitude towards his deadly deed. He has no remorse and shows no empathy.

There is more irony displayed by the killer s actions. He decides to kill his lover (Porphyria) and now he is without her forever; but in his sick mind, he thinks he now has her forever. In the end, Porphyria s lover rationalizes his murderous actions. He contends that all is right with what he has done. He thinks this because God has not punished him for killing Porphyria, as he sits with her dead body. Ultimately, Porphyria s lover has destroyed someone who loved to him, until her end. He does not pity her death, but rejoices in the triumph. He is conscience free of his sinful deed and murderous guilt.


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