Marianela Essay Research Paper Marianela1The name of

Marianela Essay, Research Paper


1.The name of my Independent Novel is “Marianela”.

The author of “Marianela” is Benito Perez Galdos.

“Marianela” has a total of 152 pages.

“Marianela” is a Non-Fiction book.

2.The major characters in my independent novel are:

1. Marianela:

The aid and person who serves as companion

to Pablo, a young blind man.

2. Pablo:

Pablo is blind, and believes Marianela to be a beautiful woman.

Some of the minor characters are:

1. Florentina

2. Teodoro Golfin

3. Alberto Durero

4. Rafael Sanzio

5. Van Dyck

6. Bartolome Murillo

3.The Major Conflict of the novel, is the fact that Pablo undergoes an experimental

surgery, by which he regains his sense of sight. This causes a great deal of distress

to Marianela, who is afraid Pablo will think she is ugly.

The characters involved in this conflict, are of course Marianela, and Pablo.

This conflict could easily be described as Man vs. Society, due to the fact that

the 18-hundreds society she lived in, made her think lowly of herself, and not fit

to be called “beautiful”.

4.At the climax of the story, when Pablo undergoes his surgery, Marianela runs away

fearing that Pablo will dislike her appearance. Since he himself thought that divorce

of Physical beauty from Spiritual beauty was “impossible”.

5.The protagonists of the story are Marianela and Pablo.

The antagonists of the story are Ignorance, and the Intervention of Science. They are the cause

of the main conflict. Another person who can be thought of as an antagonist is Florentina, she is

according to everyone, “beautiful”, and Marianela is sure that when Pablo regains his sight, he

will think she’s an angel, and Marianela an unattractive person.

6.The conflict is not resolved, or atleast not in a positive way. Marianela commits suicide by

throwing herself down the main stairwell of Pablo’s home. Pablo ends up marrying Florentina,

who is by the way, his cousin.

7.I chose this book because it would help me with my ability to read Spanish, and at the same time fulfill the assignment of reading a novel.

8. I liked this book because of the tragic ending. I DID NOT expect it whatsoever. That’s what made it good.

9.I would definitly recommend this book to someone else. Not only does it help you with your

Spanish because of all the 19th century spanish vocabulary, but it’s a genuinely fun book

to read.


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