Innova Park Essay Research Paper Anyone who

Innova Park Essay, Research Paper

?Anyone who has driven along the top end of

Mollison Avenue recently will have noticed the building work taking place on

the old Rammey Marsh dewatering works.?

This is Innova Park, the beginnings of an exciting Science and Business

Park development which will create many jobs and encourage the growth of

high-technology businesses in the area.The

reclamation of this land presents an interesting challenge.? Although the land was never used for

treatment purposes, there is still a great deal of deconstruction and some

decontamination work to be carried out.?

All the concrete and topsoil from the excavation work is to be reused on

the site, in an effort to keep works traffic to a minimum.? Other environmental issues have also been

addressed.? Steps will be taken to

prevent future contamination of the watercourse by site traffic, and areas are

being set aside for the protection of the rare Marsh Dock which grows on the


first company to move on to the park will be the London Lee Valley Business

Innovation Centre.? The BIC will move

into a purpose-built building late in 1998, along with a 60 "incubation

units" for new high-technology businesses.? Gareth Osborne, MD of the BIC, is looking forward to the

move.? He says, "provision within

the BIC of incubator units flexible to the needs of our clients is the final

piece in the jigsaw."Middlesex

University are already involved in the planning stages of Innova Park and, as

the project develops, will become more directly involved with Research and Development

activities on the site.? Innova Park may

also offer opportunities for innovative students and graduates who want to

start their own high-technology businesses.To find

out more: ?News in


University has recently won two TEMPUS contracts.? One, co-ordinated by Andrew Thomas, Director of REDI, will

provide technology transfer and telecommunication programmes in Hungary, and

the second, co-ordinated by the University of Miskolc, Hungary, provides resources

to develop PhD programmes in English for Hungarian Universities.? Not only does this provide a significant

amount of income for the unversity, but it allows us to extend existing areas

of expertise and use this knowledge and experience to help institutions in

other parts of the world.Back to

News Index ? ?


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