Homosexuality Today Essay Research Paper When you

Homosexuality Today Essay, Research Paper

When you hear the word ‘gay,’ what do you think of?

Happy? Doubtfully.

Something stupid or dumb? Most likely. In today’s culture, gay is a common adjective for something undesirable or stupid. I hear this word used in such a way countless times daily. Am I the only one bothered by this?

Homosexuals have never seemed to be a widely accepted group in America. Many people are still disgusted by the fact that there are such people in the world. But this is getting better. There are many pro-gay/lesbian/bisexual organizations and such these days, and it’s becoming acceptable in more and more clubs, workplaces, and schools.

Other minority groups have overcome society. At one time, women weren’t allowed to do much of anything. Now, if someone tried to stop a woman from doing something such as being a carpenter, they could easily be sued. It’s no longer acceptable to judge people by their sex, race, or skin color. In fact, it is a federal law that you can not discriminate in employment on the basis of age, religion, race, national origin, sex, color, or handicap.

See anything missing from that list? As far as I have been able to tell, it is legal to refuse employment due to sexual orientation. But, I have not heard of many cases where homosexuals have been refused jobs for that reason.

There are a few common questions people ask homosexuals: Why did you chose to be gay? Why are you so obsessed with ‘coming out’? What’s it like? Do other gay people ask you out all the time?

First of all, it is my firm belief that homosexuality is not a choice. Why do heterosexuals choose to like the opposite sex? It’s more of something you’re born with. People will simply be attracted to who their body will like to. It just seems there are more people attracted to the opposite sex, so it is believed to be more ‘natural’.

Why are gays and lesbians obsessed with ‘coming out’? I wouldn’t call it an obsession, but it is a very hard process in today’s society. Telling parents, siblings, relatives, friends, and coworkers is very risky. You could become subject to rejection, harassment, and the loss of people you care about.

Being openly gay or lesbian in America is risky at times, but many people don’t like to live their lives as if in shame of who they are. Many cities now have annual Pride Parades, gay and lesbian night clubs, and a higher percentage of openly gay people than ten years ago.

The subject of homosexuality isn’t as big of a subject in other countries as it is in America. Japan, for instance, has been highly accepting of their gay, lesbian, and bisexual population for a long time compared to how long Americans have been unaccepting of them. Another person’s sexual preference is nothing to fuss over there, it isn’t a big deal. Here it is as if it’s some contagious disease, and getting to near a gay person could possibly make you gay yourself.

Some day, America will get over the differences, and see gays as people too. Just like they have women, blacks, hispanics, and other minorities. The question is when. Who knows? Hopefully sometime while I am still alive. I want my children and the other generations to come to live somewhere where they are free to be themselves. Where it won’t matter what they are, but who they are. It’s up to today’s Americans to start being accepting of all others, not just the ones they please. How will fate of the country’s homosexual population, and that of other places in the world turn out? Maybe it’s up to you to decide.


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