Death To A Good Friend Birth Of

Death To A Good Friend: Birth Of A New Life Essay, Research Paper

The summer of 1993, and how it changed my life forever. First let me tell you the story of James and me. My best friend James and I were very close, we grew up together, and went to the same school together, well sometimes as we liked to skip alot. James and I were like a mirror; we both liked the same foods, the same music, and the same idea about life. James had a good heart never wish anything bad on anyone and always speard light in the worst of times.

Like other kids growing up we liked to have fun. Sometimes when we would skip school we would just sit at my house and play video games, as my mother was gone for the day at work. Other times we would hang with the other kids that skipped school, at that time it was the ?cool croud? you know every school as a cool croud, that skip school, drinks, smokes, fights and gets in trouble with the parents, the school, and sometime the law. James and I were no sranger to these activtes we considered it fun.

One day before school I meet James at his house, we had plans to have a few drinks and get our ciggarettes in before school. There were a few of us there, three guy?s and three girls, not just any girls these girls were the coolest girls in school and the prettiest. As we sat there drinking and bullshitting one of the other guy?s in our group said ?anybody want to get high.? And before I could even think about this, as I never smoked weed before the three cool girls jump to the occasion.

As time past James and I were skipping more school and getting in more trouble. We would drink and smoke marijuana on a daily basis, as we had no outllook on life. Eventuality both James and I dropped out of school. James dropped out in the eighth grade and I dropped out in the ninth grade. We both would just hang out all day long partying. Life seemed good at that time, no cares, and no rules just living it up. Going to party?s not coming home for weeks, hanging with the crew, as we called it the ?brew Crew? we thought we were on top of the world.

In the summer of 1993, I was eighteen so was James. There was this big party everyone who was anyone was there. James hooked up with these older guys about 25 maybe 26 and ended leaving with them and wanted me to go. I knew of these guy’s and what they were about. I didn?t want any part of them, and James did.

James and I went our own ways and didn?t really talk for a couple weeks. James brother told me He was getting in to some heavy drugs and in trouble. James was like a stranger not only to me but with his brother too. He would not lisen to anyone, his life he would live it how he wanted.

An Early July morning I got a phone call from James brother. ? James dead he O.D.? I could not belive it, I ask myself why, why him. I lost a good friend and started looking at my life and where it was heading was it going down the same path as James did, and then I realized I was.

It took a death of a good friend to realize what life?s really about, and how much I?ve taken for granted over the years. I learned how to be a value to society not a menice to society. I would clean up my act. I stopped doing drugs and stopped drinking; I have a few on occasions. I went back to school and got my G.E.D. and I pay taxes, and work hard at everything I do. Now I?m in college and have a whole new outlook on life and take nothing for granted anymore.


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