Faith RingoldS Biography Essay Research Paper FAITH

Faith Ringold`S Biography Essay, Research Paper


Who was Faith Ringold ? Born in New York , Faith Ringold was an African American

artist who started school in 2nd grade . While she was at home , her mother taught her the basic

skills . She knew how to read before she went to school . In her early childhood she use to be sick

every so often , she could not attend school regularly ; however, her mother use to bring her

drawing books and pencils . Therefore , she spent most of her time drawing . So, as she grew

older and began to go to school , one day her teacher asked her to draw a mountain. Because she

was born and raised in New York, she had never seen a mountain before; therefore, she could not

draw the mountain properly . The professor told her ” you cannot be an artist, ” and she said to

the professor ” yes I could and I will be artist . ” She had great internal locus of control and

self-confidence . She believed she could do it and she did it .

Her mother was a fashion designer . She was very close to her mother, and her father was

a great role model for her . He also use to draw , in other words he inspired faith to become an

artist .

Faith Ringold was a bright artist . She benefited a scholarship in college . While in

college she had the opportunity to ship her works at an inexpensive price to sell outside the

country. 1960 she learned what African art was as a black artist . She also learned to mix her

European training with the African art . She learned about African designs , and African

American art .

Faith Ringold wrote her stories and painted them on her works . She painted the tradition

of African art and design she drew her family ’s every day life .

Faith Ringold was an artist who justify her culture and her existence with the black art .

She expressed who she was through her art . She had great interest for children . She admired the

courage of Harriet Tubman and Rosa Park . Faith believed that visual art in America join women

in many directions . She hated sexism and racism .

She said that people motivated her to become an artist and she believed that she could

change the world and she could do everything with her willingness . In many occasions she asked

people to never give up anything that appears to be difficult to them, always try, try until they get

what they need.

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