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Cloning 6 Essay Research Paper Millions of

Cloning 6 Essay, Research Paper

Millions of people. They all look alike, think alike, and dress alike. Sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel, right? Well, with cloning it s possible, maybe. They will look alike, but that s about it. Cloning will help the world, not make it the same. Three pros to cloning are that cloning may hold the secret to eternal youth, the research of genes has changed the thinking of scientists, and that parents would be able to have a child who looks exactly like a model, movie star, etc.

First, cloning could lead to the discovery of the secret to eternal youth. If anyone had a chance to live forever, they would take it. If anyone could have a child who could live forever, they would do it. Cloning may be the answer to eternal youth. He said the creation of transgenetic animals could be an important tool in … ultimately stopping — the aging process. Becoming immortal is not the only plus to cloning.

Furthermore, the research of cloning has helped scientists become aware of the way genes operate. With continuous research into the ways of cloning scientists could come to understand the ways cells and genes work. As the information grows we will be able to get rid of genetic diseases and defects. As geneticists have come to understand the ways in which genes operate, they have also become aware of the myriad ways in which the environment affects their expression. In the future people will be able to decide what their child will look like and what kind of base intelligence the child will have, but they will not be able to decide the child s fate. For the people who want to control what their children will look like, there is the possibility of cloning a famous person.

Finally, parents will be able to clone a model s appearance so that their child looks exactly like the person. This would get rid of a feeling of not being beautiful and would allow people to worry about more important things than what other people think a bout them. Suppose a couple wants a designer child – a clone of Cindy Crawford or Elizabeth Taylor — because they want a daughter who will grow up to be as attractive as those women. This would be possible because of the fact that the child would not think or act like the person they were cloned from, they would only look the same.

Cloning can only bring good things to our culture and our lives. The scientific advancements that could be used in everyday life would benefit mankind even if we do not clone anyone. Some people would look alike, but that s it. Not everyone would look the same, only a selected few. If we are all as beautiful as a super model or look like our parents it is still only skin deep. We all have different minds.