Light Saber Essay Research Paper There was

Light Saber Essay, Research Paper

There was once a young man who set forth to accomplish a great feat. On a quest for enrichment and knowledge his journey led him to an institute of higher learning. There he was to amass an immense amount of knowledge and discover secrets only a small portion of society possessed. But this place was far away… it was a new land of snow-covered hills and a beverage called Busch Light. No longer would he be surrounded by the comforts of Smog,, 7-Elevens’s, and drive-by’s. He prepared for his journey the best he could and equipped himself with but one item to insure his safety and well being should anything happen on his quest. Once in this new land he discovered many groups and social structures. One of these stood out from the rest, this one was not a click of hopeless losers but an organization that stood above the others with ideals and principles that forged its members into the highest quality of men, each a Balanced Man in every aspect of life. He knew this small kingdom in the middle of Pullman was where he needed to flourish to become the person his journey was striving to make him. Eventually he became a part of the brotherhood, learning about his new homes past and traditions he began to realize just how profound a decision he had made and was grateful he was experiencing all he was. One evening he was consuming the sacred drinks of his people, filling his body with fluids such as Skip’N’Go and Busch Light. They were having a great gathering that evening with females from all over coming to pay homage to the mighty SigEp house. A member approached this young man and gave him the responsibility to monitor the entrance of the mighty structure and prevent any men from entering and participating that were not of the brotherhood. It would be a difficult task…He knew he would need every advantage available to protect the house and prove his loyalty and worth. He went and retrieved the object he knew he would have to one day use…with it no man or beast or law enforcement officer would dare confront him or challenge his refusal to let them enter. He stood at the entrance and rejected countless individuals whom he later discovered were called “haters”. Time and time again he stopped the party from being infected with these people who knew nothing of the kingdom. After some time he was relieved of his duty and sent to go enjoy the women and alcohol that were plentiful during the celebration. He had a magnificent evening but awoke the next morning with a head that was throbbing and he couldn’t seem to remember much. He suddenly realized the object that he held so close and which may have saved his life the previously night was nowhere to be found…. A raging search turned up nothing and for the first time he had to imagine life with out the comfort of his Blue Gui Qon Jin Light Saber with realistic sound effects. He was crushed and spent the rest of his days feeling only partially complete…for with out his Light Saber could he ever truly be a Balanced Man? He eased his anxiety with a glass object from which smoke was inhaled on a place his brothers called the sundeck. He was so overcome with a overwhelming sense of loss and anger at the unjustness of his departed light saber he ended his sorrows by leaping from the towering sundeck and falling hours until he finally hit the earth below with an end to the pain….



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