Pigman Essay Research Paper The Pigman StoryFriendShip

Pigman Essay, Research Paper

The Pigman StoryFriendShip When you hear the name Pigman you might immediatly start to think that the man in the story is FAT, SHORT, BALD, and have a PINK COMPLEXTION SKIN. You are just half right The Pigman was short and fat. Another thing about the Pigman was that he was generous, and caring. But he was very lonley. The reason he was lonely was because he had no friends except the Baboon (Bobo) and with his wife dead and I would think he would feel very devastated and sad and would want to commit suicied. But that didn’t happen until he meet two gals on a prank call for a charity cause the pranksers were Lorraine and John. Lorraine was a newcomer she was a blonde with a nice body but Lorraine didn’t think she had a nice body she thought she was fat, fat, and fat. John was a real prankster he would get in a lot of trouble his nickname was the Bathroom Bomber cause he put bombs in the first floor boy’s room. It all starts out when John and Lorraine, two-high School pranks call a man named Mr. Pignati. Lorraine and John tell him that they are a Charity collecting money for the L&J fund. Mr. Pignati kept them on the phone for a long time telling them Jokes and other things about his life, but in the end they get invited to his house to collect the money. When John heard this he was all for the idea that he could get money, but Lorraine did not want to take the pigman’s money, but she did it anyway. Two other characters enter the story, Dennis who is not very bright and Norton who is a lazy thief.When John and Lorraine went to collect the money at the Pigman’s house the first thing they saw was they big smile on his face. When they entered Mr. Pignati showed them his pig collection and gave them wine. Anyway they got the money and they got invited to go to the zoo. The next day they went to the zoo with the pigman and he showed them Bobo. Bobo is his Baboon friend that he visits every day. After that day John and Lorraine spent allot of time with the pigman. John and Lorraine would go to malls with Mr. Pignati and he would bye things for them.

What I forgot to say in the begging was that John and Lorraine both have bad families. John parents pressure him to be like his brother. One night John and Lorraine were over at Mr. Pignati’s house and the all put on there roller-skates and skated around in his house and then Mr. Pignati fell over and had a heart Attack. He had to go to the hospital, but the doctors said he would be ok. Two major things happen while Mr. Pignati was in the hospital. The first thing is that happen was John and Lorraine went over to Mr. Pignati’s house and had dinner. The second thing was that they had a party at Mr. Pignati’s house, while he wasn’t there. It was calm until Norton who was not invited to the party because he is known to wreck them came in the door. Well anyway he came in and didn’t do any thing at first because John met him at the door and made up a lie saying that he had tried to call him the whole night.But not long after he disappeared and they found him upstairs trying to steal Mr. Pignati’s stuff, when John caught him they got into a fight but


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