Pigman And Me Essay Research Paper The

Pigman And Me Essay, Research Paper

The Pigman and me

The novel was a great example of how most young kids grow up in today s society. Many kids influence either being raised in a single parent household, living in a small town, or being bullied by mean people. The young Zindal explains to the reader his life while growing up in Travis, N.J. He lived with his mother, sister Betty, and the Vivona family. The vivona family consists of Connie and her twin boys. The story begins when Paul s mother had got evicted for not paying rent at their last apartment. The family had to experience all of these difficulties because their dad ran off with another woman and did not leave them anything, to help them survive. When his mom meat Connie, she had a few dollars to her name and his mom was a good person of talk, and this how they ended up in Travis. This was supposed to be a change for the better in their lives, but instead it ended up being just like everywhere else they lived. This was due to his mom s attitude and hatred toward men. Now once again she was making promises of this home being better than all the rest.

Paul wrote the novel based on how he viewed his life growing up during this period and while he lived in Travis. He is the type of writer that try to pull you the reader into the story, this way you will better understand the different issues involved. He does a great job of being adventures with the stories, but not so well when he tries to move from story to story. Many different issues involved in the novel where unclear. One issue was how Jennifer cried because she could see her self as becoming a zombie. Another issue was how Nonno Frankie had to come out and cook and bring groceries for his grown daughter or they would not eat properly. That is not all that gave me trouble while reading the novel. His mom has a real problem with low self-esteem issues. She hated men, talked bad about people, always had a get rich scheme, and would threaten to kill herself every time something did not go her way. This mean at least once a week she would make threats, her biggest fear was that whenever Connie would begin to date that one day she would fall in love and then move her and her kids out the house, leaving us back in the streets because we had no money. The problem that made have to leave Travis started with my mom talking about how dirty Connie look while dressing up for a man and Betty begin to like Connie s style and asked her questions about love and sex. Connie did not see any harm in telling her a few things about makeup and boys, but mom did whenever word did get out at the weekly dinner by the twins. His mom was so upset she begin to swear at everyone and told Paul and Betty to not talk to anyone in the Vivona family again. Well a few days of hated finally came time for them to leave because they were broke.

In the novel many of the characters had the own issues of they dealt with life and the things that occurred to them. Paul had to deal with the bullies at school and an angry mom at home, which both he seem to work his way around. The twins where young and very excited so they had the issue of being nosey, never sitting still, and not keeping quiet. Betty always cried about things that harmed others in life and this was her stage in puberty and there were things she needed to know about guys and love. Connie and her twin just had identity problems, but she was happy to be having a little help with getting over her deadbeat husband, that when she meat Chops, the butcher, she fell in love all over again. Out of all the different things that Paul wrote about he really emphasizes his mom and Connie and how they occasionally bumped heads in the house issues. This is a great novel that just shows how a lot of families live behind the close doors of life in today’s society.


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