The Naive Little Girl Essay Research Paper

The Naive Little Girl Essay, Research Paper

The Na ve Little Girl

Those who trust in the goodness of others are easily deceived. They belief that people are truly good and honest. They will depend on their instinct and refuse to listen to reason. If they are given the evidence of foul play, their reaction will not be a negative one but a positive one. Their views on situations in life are extraordinary. They will see a certain task as a privilege and others will see it as dishonorable. In the story, The Stolen Party, by Liliana Heker, there is a little girl whose na ve thinking makes her lose her innocence when she discovers discrimination between the social classes exists.

Rosaura, the maid s daughter, is invited to a rich girl s party. Rosaura believes that she is invited to the party because she feels that Luciana and her are friends. Luciana and Rosaura spend a good amount time together. Every afternoon, they do their homework and drink tea in the kitchen. They also tell each other secrets. Spending all that time with Luciana gives Rosaura enough reason to assume that they are friends. Rosaura refuses to believe that she is invited to the party for any other reason.

Herminia, Rosaura s mom, tries to explain to Rosaura that Luciana is not her friend, but Rosaura becomes upset and yells, Shut up! You know nothing about being friends. Rosaura says, I m going because it will be the most lovely party in the whole world, I ll die if I don t go. On the morning of the party, she finds her Christmas dress ready for the party and later that afternoon her mother rinses her hair in apple vinegar so that it would be all nice and shiny.

Senora Ines complements Rosaura on how lovely she looks. Rosaura then walks into the party with a firm step. She says hello to Luciana and asks about the monkey. She finds out that the monkey is in the kitchen. Rosaura went to the kitchen and surprisingly there she saw it. Rosaura feels special because she is the only one allowed in the kitchen. Senora Ines had said, You yes, but not the others, they re much to boisterous, they might break something. Rosaura even managed to carry the jug of orange juice from the kitchen into the dining room. She feels special by being allowed to help with the party. She plays games with the boys and girls. Rosaura passes out the cake, and enjoys the attention she receives from the boys and girls. Rosauria is having so much fun, that she feel like she belongs. She never feels like the maid s daughter.

When the guest begin to leave, Senora Ines begins to pass out presents.

The boys receive a yo yo and the girls receive a bracelet. Rosaura is tremendously excited. She thinks she will receive one of the presents. After all she is a guest. Rosaura wants to get the yo yo. She likes it because it sparkles. For a moment, she feels that maybe she will get one of each. Senora Ines approaches Rosaura and Herminia and says, What a marvelous daughter you have, Herminia. That made Rosura proud. Senora Ines bent down as if looking for something. Rosaura stretches out her arm but never completes the movement. Senora Ines did not look into either one of the bags but reached into her purse and pulls out two bills. Rosaura s eyes had a cold ,clear look that fixes itself on Senora Ines s face. Rosaura knew at that moment, that they see her as the maid s daughter. She is not and will not be accepted as one of them.

Sooner or later Rosaura was going to learn the horrible reality that discrimination exists. No matter where people are or where they go, discrimination will exist. The adults of society should teach the children to grow up with a different frame of mind. Children need to be taught at a young age about discrimination. They need to be told about the consequences of discrimination, and the violence it produces in the world.


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