Drug Prevetion Prgrams Essay Research Paper As

Drug Prevetion Prgrams Essay, Research Paper

As Anthony $$$$$$$ ran down the hallway screaming, I m going to jail, I know it, it is all over! a teacher who had no clue what was going on tackled him. The teacher soon found out that in the student s hand was a small bag containing crystal meth. A drug he was taking in the bathroom of the school before being turned in by another student. $$$$$$$ was suspended from school for 180 days and must face legal charges later this year. Drugs are becoming more apparent at &&&&&&&&&& High School. Over the past several years there has been a growing number of children carrying illegal drugs on school grounds. Also, during the school s yearly drug search there have been an increasing number of substances found each year. This yearly drug search is the only prevention plan that SHS has instituted. SDFGADGHDG, principal of safsadfsf High School needs to initiate a drug prevention program.

There are going to be many concerns with starting new programs to help drug prevention at ASFDSAFSDF High School. One of those concerns is going to be the expense of the new programs. Sdf is a very small school with about 400 students. Sdf is also located in a very small town with few businesses in it. In many other towns, and cities businesses donate money to help out their local schools. SFDSFDSF does not benefit from this privilege though. The money that sdf receives from local property taxes and the government is used to repair the school grounds. The one way the school will be sure to raise some money is to get the communities support. If the community is behind the new programs then they will be initiated.

The ACLU is an organization that defends student rights, and is willing to go to court for those rights. In the wake of increasing violence, courts seem to have become more deferential to school districts genuine concern for student safety and security, said Cynthia Prettyman, general counsel for Palm Beach County, Florida, schools. The new trend in schools across America is having a full security system. This trend is Police officers, cameras, metal detectors, locker searches, backpack searches, and even student ID cards are duties required on a daily basis. The problem is that these items are seen as taking away students right to privacy. Many schools have gone to court because of this issue. SFSFAFDA is a school that does not want to need to do this. The school has always had good relations with its students and wants to keep it that way.

There have been numerous studies showing that drug abuse is linked to violence. Richard Lowry, a member of the American School Health Associations states that, Because students who were offered, sold, or given illegal drugs at school also used substances more frequently, it is not surprising that they were more likely than other students to become involved in violence at school . Any act of violence from such a small school like Smithville results in a high percentage. This problem continues to be identified by students as one of the most important in their schools (Lowry, 349). That is something the school does not want, because it would lower the perception of the school by the students and others. Every School feels the need to have a good reputation among the other schools it is associated with. SAFSAFSDF Prides itself on that good reputation, and being looked up to by the other schools in the county.

Almost every school system has adopted the D.A.R.E. program for its students. This is an educational program designed to challenge young children to say no to drugs. The students are in this program somewhere between 5th and 6th grades. After, this program at SAFSFSDFW a child will not see another drug prevention program while he attends school here. The idea of new programs being presented to older students should now be a necessity due to the raise in drug abuse among high school students (Pediatrics, 786). If SFSFSDFSDF High School would have a program that talked to the older teenagers in the school then possibly a decline in drug abuse would happen, like it has in many other schools. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that Trial use of marijuana has decreased 10% since 1997. In 1997, 44% of teenagers reported trying marijuana at least once compared to 40% in 2000, in school that continue drug prevention programs (Pediatrics, 786). The need to continue an informative trend towards young adults to stay off of drugs is a necessity.

There is a need to have new rules, or programs initiated in the SFSFSFSG school system. These programs need to be started while the students are young, and continued through the system, not completely dropped like they have been. If students are starting to bring in major drugs such as crystal meth, then major changes need to be made. The school may not have the funding for many of the high-tech instruments that some schools have but the need for a locker search, or a backpack search is there. To prevent any more instances like MSFSFSDFSD s the school should consider having a drug prevention program initiated.


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